What I learned September 28, 2001


Is alive.
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That the dutch genes git rid of the bad asian parts of girls.

That the sex experts are middle aged women.

And O&A are NOT Bob and Tom.

AND this photo is fake.



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I also learned that Jim Nortons dad is Don Rickles :D


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I learned that no matter how bad the song may be, the Neil Diamond can always make it great.

I learned Opie loves the older chicks. The really older chicks!!

I learned Black women actually do like giving head, when their getting paid that is. In Norton's words: "If they are women?". :::Insert big back reference here::: ;)
Last Friday was the first time I tuned in to O&A. I read their bios and other stuff on their website, plus a friend if helping me learn more every day. :D Here's what I learned during my first exposure to O&A. Opie is into older chicks. I mean, OLDER chicks. Max Cantone is hysterical. I'll bet the real Liza would like to sound like that. When you cross Asians and Norwegians, you get a Brigitte Nielsen-size Chow Yun Fat.