i had a convesation with someone about music, and i said u2 was a alerative rock band and they disgreed. I say they are. They have the punk influnc, as well as the lou reed influnce, david bowie influnce. Alt rock to me is not just grunge. Their are many different styles: like this: goth (cure) punk (ramones) glam (bowie) nirvna (grunge) folk (ani difranco) art rock (talking heads) and experiemntal (beck). Of course the founders. the fathers, of al rock velvet underground. and then you got some other ones, that i know are alt bands like, janes addiction and mazzy star. So whats eveyones opion on this? whats make a band from the alt school of music?

here are some bands hat i consider alt rock: (aside from the ones i listed above)
red hot chili peppers
pearl jam
nine inch nails
iggy pop
and many others but those are some.


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i actually never thought about it. But i agree with you, there are different styles. Green Day, SEX pistols, Blink 182, Sum 41, those are said to be punk rock, but i believe they are alternative. To me alternative is everything that is not soft rock nor heavy metal(in the rock category)Aerosmith, 3 doors down, bush, live, creed, foo fighters, Smashing Punpkings(SP), ... Krock plays a lot of alternative. Most of the things krock plays is alternative. Only system of a down, disturbed, godsmack, metallica, and some other stuff is heavy metal. That's my thougth on that. You may disagree, but i'm sticking to it.
You could make the argument that anything outside the mainstream [what sells the most] is alternative music. U2 sells a lot of CD's, the Bosstones do not, and that's unfortunate. It's really hard to draw the line, when you get into influences.
As long as it's not programmed pap,and you like it Rock On

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is Maryia Carrie alternative ?

she dosn't sell


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nah chrissy she just sux :p
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Alt rock

I think its just another label to give record stores something to put over their shelves. I mean sum41 and bad religion hardly belong in the same category. Yet they are both lumped under punk or alternative. When Dropkick Murphys and Blink 182(who actually started out legitimately punk before they sold out) are in the same category something is wrong

That happens alot. All that has to happen, is for bands to remotley sound alike and thier in the same catoergy. Misfits sound 10x times more agreesive then soem modern pop punk, but hardcore, pop, dson't mater. They both do punk, just diffrent approaches.