What is Your fav 80's Movie


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There is so many that we grew up with which one is your favorite.

1.Sixteen candles
2.some kind of wonderful
4.peggy sue got married
5.don't tell mom the babysitter is dead.
6.all of the porky's movies.
7.all 3 series of Police academy(the rest sucked)
8.Back to the future
11.Pretty in pink


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correction fofo, "don't tell mom the babysitter's dead" is from the 90's..early 90's....
My favs are
1.Breakfast Club
2.Pretty in Pink
3.Sixteen Candles
4.St. Elmo's Fire
5.She's Having a Baby
6.For Keeps
7.Who's that girl (with Madonna)
8.Desperately Seeking Susan(with Madonna)
Thats about it, I really don't remember that much from the 80's because I was only a little kid..I went from age 0-7 in the 80's so alot of these movies I saw a few years ago.
Fofo another correction you should make is Rocky. That movie came out in the 70's.
Ok out of the few movies Fofo posted that where actually from the 80's ;) I like The Goonies the best.


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Goonies is a great call. Don't forget about "The Terminator", "Predator", "48 hours", and "Beverly hills cop".
Wait Mav i think Fofo is gonna start a thread this week with those movies listed as great movies of the 90's!!! Heh heh LOL :)