What is your Favorite I Love Lucy Episode


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Since they have the 50 year special on CBS of this show. what is your favorite?
Mines are
2.Lucy trying to tell Ricky she is Pregnant.
3.Lucy plays the witch in Little Ricky's school.
4.The one where she got jelous of the girl who played Jezabel.
5.When her and Ethel stole John Waynes foot Prints.
6.The Grape fight in Italy.
7.When Lucy and Ethel worked in the Chocolate Factory.
8.Lucy trying to sing the Gpsy song.
9.Lucy dressed as a Native Indian singing with Ricky.
Name yours :)
All of the above. And I also like the one about the freezer and how they buy a ton of meat and Lucy gets locked inside the freezer. :D And what was that episode with the milkman, when they pretend they have lovers or something like that and in the end Ricky brings Lucy breakfast in bed. I never saw the whole episode, can someone fill in the blanks please? :)

God I Love that show. Vitavegavegemen has got to be the best. They don't make shows like that anymore.


the only one i can think of is when they dressed liked martians to get some money.
i'm not a big fan though