What kind of Bread do you use to make Sandwiches?


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What kind of Bread do you use to make Sandwiches?
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If I make it, I use Whole Wheat.
If I order it at a restaurant, I let the chef decide.
the organic kind from whole foods. i usually try a different one each time i go


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Wonder bread or any cheap white bread equivalent for grilled cheese.

Other than that, lots of variety.


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French Bread Pizza is freakin delicious


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Depends on what kind of sandwich. PB&J gets toasted 12 grain wheat, ham & swiss gets rye. All other sandwiches suck. :)

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I'm a big fan of Potato Bread.... and I love a good semolina loaf.... mmmm.. loaf.

A nice italian bread will do :)
Potato Bread works for any type of sandwiches. But if I'm going hero, than you can't beat seeded Italian bread.


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French Bread Pizza is freakin delicious
You know, I haer that a lot about her, oh wait I thought we were talkin' about Frenchy, never mind :D:D

On that note, what ever bread I have available is what I use. For toast with breakfast, it's either wheat or 12 grain. For lunch, it's either wheat or some type of hoagie, with whatever lunch meat I have handy. I also enjoy my middle eastern paper thin flat bread for a quick snack, or slathered with butter for a quick breakfast.
i dont understand how anyone thinks Wonder Bread is good bread, if you put anything more than cold cuts and cheese, the bread just falls apart.


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Cutting back on the carbs... I can't eat bread. Carbs make me gain too much weight.


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i usually pick up rolls when I know I'll have cold cuts. They're just regular, white rolls - I don't know how else to describe them. Once in a while I'll use Rye bread for that too.

I'll get regular white bread (Merita) every so often if I'm broke and have to eat pb&J's.


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Gotta go with the Portuguese rolls.
Crispy on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside...

Prosciutto, fresh mozz, olive oil, balsamic and a few sun dried tomatoes!



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whole wheat
potato bread
French bread
Italian bread

I don't like multi grain or dark breads.


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Potato bread
rye (seedless)

if I get white bread, its usually the country white

otherwise its some type of roll - hero, kaiser, etc.


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If Im home Ill usually rock potato bread if its readily at hand. Fuck Wonder bread.


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What is this ham and eggery that disgraces this topic? Not only am I from the same school as Ronnie on this topic...I'm from the same area. So I'm sure he could back me up on this. The best bread? Sarcone's Bakery hoagie rolls or italian bread. The best sandwich? There's always a debate there. Some say Sarcone's deli and some say Primo's. The best cheesesteak sandwhich? Tony Luke's, in my opinion. These are what sandwiches should be.

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Any sort of 12 grain whole wheat bread

or a nice ass loaf of italian


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I would give my left nut for a decent sourdough


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I'm a big fan of Pepperidge Farms Country White. It's the perfect size and thickness.