What kind of grill do you use?


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Ive been searching for a new BBQ grille for a while and finally got one today.

I've been using this:

Its been fine for cooking 3 burgers on it, but I needed a real grill.

I noticed I can get a grille that 'looks' good for $200. I was ready to buy one until I read all the reviews about how they are shitty and need replacing after 2 seasons...I'd rather buy a quality grille once and pay a bit extra.

Sooo...I was at Lowe's today...saw a Weber Spirit on the floor, already assembled - with a silver dollar sized dent in the lid...tag price was $399.99...

Found the manager and asked if he'd be willing to discount it as scratch and dent...he said ok, how about 50% off? Sold...$224 with tax!

Its nothing fancy, 2 burner, no side burner...but I know its quality and will last for a while...

So, that brings me to my original question - do you think the price of a grille matters? Is a $799 weber genesis worth it over a $200 brinkman?

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My dad gave me a $200 gift card for Home Depot when I bought my house in 2004 and have used it ever since. Got whatever was top of the line Chargrill (Charbroil) at the time and have proably gone through 10-15 fillups of propane since.

Being that I bought a cheaper grill, you have to keep it up, which I have. I think the key is don't neglect the grill on your cleaning routines. Living out west, we don't, but something to think about for east coasters...

The thing I love about it is virtually zero startup and great control. I'll post pics when I fire it up again. I'm sure there's fancier systems out there, but with just me and the wifey now, it suits us fine.

I think that's kind of the key long term. If you're willing to change out the briquettes and a few other incidentals every season, if you start with a good system you'll be fine.


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I've had a WeberQ portable grill for years. I thought I'd eventually get a full size grill, but this thing still works like new, only maintenance has been taking a small drill bit and cleaning out the holes around the manifold. It was $150ish well spent with a nice heavy cast grilling surface and I converted it to use a 20lb tank instead of the smaller portable canisters.


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If your using propane I don't think it really matters. I'm not being a dick, I really don't.

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Funk that propane bottle rigmarole... I got a gas model Weber Genesis and piped that shit right into the natural gas line of my house... done and done. Forget running out of gas in the middle of cooking up some bacon wrapped filet mignons. Been there, won't go there again.

The Webers have always treated me right... effective, durable, and reliable. I gave up on the side burner option long ago. I used the burner so infrequently that in the rare instances I did I could never get it to work because some faggot ass spider set up housekeeping in the gas tube.


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A large Weber Kettle grill.

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Got this monster from Costco. No cover, has 6 burners and a searing burner. Two tanks.

Yes, the covered grills cook faster, but also burn things faster. So, the one I got is set up like a commercial grill. Was tired of cooking all the time while entertaining. This thing fits everything. But, it takes up alot of space.

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This is what we got:

We didn't use it at all last year. I cleaned it up, did some minor repairs this year and it's as good as new. All I did was clean the hell out of it, repair the bracket that holds the tank, get the tank filled, hit a couple rust spots on the tank bracket and legs with some Rustoleum and it's good as new. The actual grill part appears to be made of aluminum or something like that but the legs and rest of it are plain old painted steel.

It fired right up with no problems and I used it to make the beercan chicken a couple weeks ago. If it works, don't fix it... I plan on using this thing until it falls apart.


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I just bought my first grill with my first house about 4 weeks ago. I bought a 2 flame Weber on sale @ Home Depot. Fucking awesome grill. I grill now just about every night.


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My friend gave me an empty tank so I went to homer depot and got an exchange refill. Also got the premium weber cover for $39.99 and they accepted a 10% lowe's coupon I had....

Just fired it up....its odd how exciting this is...
I do have a Coleman propane grill but things taste more gooder on this little thing...



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Weber rocks!

My father use to buy the cheapo's every other summer. When I bought my house I said fuck that shit...ponied up the 4 or 5 bills and bought a Weber that'll last as long as I want it to.

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I do have a Coleman propane grill but things taste more gooder on this little thing...

I got one of those also. I keep it over at my buddies house for doing steaks and stuff on. His big stainless grill has been relegated to do veggies and as a table for the little Weber grill as seen below....



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I got one of those also. I keep it over at my buddies house for doing steaks and stuff on. His big stainless grill has been relegated to do veggies and as a table for the little Weber grill as seen below....

That's the way it should be. Those lil' Smokey Joes rock the fat ass. I still have mine. It's 15 yrs old at this point.


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I got this for my birthday last year. Sears a steak up nicely. Gets very hot with only a little charcoal. Highly recommended if you can get away with a small grill.
Just moved into my house about a month ago.....so far I had to spend 1100 getting a new water heater and getting the gas lines replaced and brought up to code, and today I had to use a concrete cutter and a maul to break out a 3 foot wide 14 foot long section of my patio so I can replace the drain pipe....needless to say money is extremely tight so all i have is a medium sized 50 dollar charcoal grill. I thought it was going to be junk but its got a control to raise and lower the charcoal for heat control and an attached canister on the bottom. Sweep in the old coals and dust, pull out can, empty into trash. 2 minutes and done.


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I use a BAR-B Chef charcoal grill from BBQgalore.com

like an old charbroiler type, it is huge 18" X 36" grill

I use mesquite lump wood and a chimney to start

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Sweep in the old coals and dust, pull out can, empty into trash. 2 minutes and done.
Just a word of caution about charcoal, my mother about 25 years ago thought some ash and coals from a grill were cold and decided to just put them in the trash. (Charcoal had sat for a full day) Needless to say about 2 hours after she put them in the trash she was calling the fire department to put out the fire that had enveloped one of our garages.

Whenever I clean out my charcoal grill or my smoker I always dump all the coals and ashes into a 5 gallon galvanized metal can with a metal lid on it and I'll let it sit for a few days before separating the unused or half burned charcoal from the ash.

Until we had the garage fire I never new that even though you can hold a burned cold piece of coal in your hand, the core can still be red hot. Lesson learned.

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Actually, no it doesn't. Depending upon the size of the coal that is burning, the water can turn to steam and completely evaporate before it even reaches the red hot core. I'm sure that using water on something as small as a Kingsford briquette might work but if you are using large chunks of lump charcoal or chunks of wood it probably won't. That's also one of the reasons if you are out camping and have a campfire on the ground you are supposed to bury the embers under dirt and sand rather than just dump water on them.

Anyways, who wants to deal with the mess that watering down ashes and coals would make. It'd just be a hell of cakey slurry to have to clean out of the bottom of your grill.