What next for O&A???? !!!!!


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Yesterday Opie gave us another piece of the pie. He said that William on another station(probably KROCK) is being fired because he is no competion for O&A. They feel this is hypocracy for Infinity who won't allow them to go against *Radio Edit* in the morning.
Anthony hinted that soon that they would be allowed to speak freely without the fear of the thingy that *Radio Edit* did that won't allow them(And D&M) to speak of him.

So what is next for O&A? A new station? A new company? What?


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Those 2 are really about to lose it
I just hope something good comes out of this cause it is driving me crazy :eek: :eek:
They'll be unleashed soon. The next ten days will reveal all. Hopefully, they'll be able to say what they want about *Radio Edit*, and the show will be successful.


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There has been too much talk of mornings. I hope they don't go to mornings. Once again I keep hearing, It's the top spot to be if your a radio jock. I say fuck that. I have never listened to talk radio before O&A. I pretty much only found out that stern was a radio jock 6 or 7 years ago. When his show was on WWOR-TV in the late 80's, I thought he was just some TV talk show host, who paraded hot bitches all over his show. I say stay in afternoon's.

If O&A feel like they will never get respect in afternoon's, than more power to them. I will have to tape the shows. It will be great to hear them finally blow that shmuck out of the water. O&A in NY for eternity. <-- I was gonna say "Til' infinite" but fuck infinite!!

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Yes but *Radio Edit* and Opie and anthony can be a healthy compitition and both will be forced to push the limits and will make for great radio. but I really cant see O n A going to plj or lite fm so hmmmmm I wonder aaaaaaaaaa WNEW will bow down and give them what they want and things will be as they were
Who knows where they are going but i hope this means its over at WNEW, but i also hope they dont start doing mornings.


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I don't really want them to leave WNEW, to be quite honest. I think that would ruin things for R&F, the station will probably go under when O&A leave. Even if it doesn't, no more AFRO shows. I hope they stay at WNEW, get the gag order off, get rich, get sydicated, and stay in afternoon's. In a perfect world it would happen, or on bizarro world. :D

I have been thinking though, If they left WNEW maybe they can get Psycho Mark back on staff. To have him back would make the show alot funnier, I love it when he makes an appearance, the show just takes a bizarre turn. Believe me it's not like Ben, Rick, and Stinky are not fucking hysterical. It's just that Mark makes the show insane, funny, and just plain sick. If he came back he'd probably get himself fired again anyway. Buttsex on the president of the company's couch, with the president's daughter. :D Gak, gak, gak. 50 calibur assasin.

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I want them away from WNEW cause i want to see them vent about Stern and everything else.