What podcasts do you listen to?


A.K.A. Chad
They have "True Crime Cons", and I would dress up like Jar Jar Binks and go to a comic con before I humiliated myself by attending a true crime con.
Why not dress as Jar Jar and go to a crime con? Live on the edge.

Creasy Bear

gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh
I mighta mentioned this one before.

Season 1 is good. It's like 1980s-90s-early 2000s mob and crooked cops and politicians in Delaware. Goodfellasesque dummies with horrid Frank Lagola accents. It's a bunch of knuckleheads that Mafialife Chris would admire, but everyone else would laugh at, because they're bumbling dumbbells.

But if you really want some idiotic crooked cops and politicians goodness, you need to check out Season 2: Detroit. It's mostly centered around Kwame Kilpatrick's monkeyshines, and there are lots of interviews with him via jailhouse phones.

Kwame Kilpatrick is a textbook shucking and jiving criminal-ass black politician, and he lies like he breaths, but the star of the show is his father, Bernard "Killer" Kilpatrick. He's just a gem.