What the F*CK is going on here?

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Okay I know this is nasty, but we are renting this house and have had nothing but problems. The wife spotted these last night before bed directly behind the toilet.

So do these mushrooms mean there's mold? Or just ideal conditions for mushrooms to grow?

We know the landlords are going to give a shit about this because everything that's been wrong with this dump is a struggle with them to get repaired. But we are worried about the health consequences of the mold if that's what's going on down there. The picture doesn't show real well, but there's a bit of standing water under that fancy 80s linoleum flooring.



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yeah it means there is lots of mositure there meaning there is prolly mold and lots of it



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Those shrooms look delicious.


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Yes, good conditions for mushrooms which include sewage leaking from the wax gasket under your toilet into the void between it and the floor providing food for them. You need a plumber and a carpenter out there stat.


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not to be a mushroom party pooper, but just pull them out, and cover all the soil there with concrete and it wont be a problem.


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The water is probably from yout toilet tank condensating. That looks like it is just a low spot that water collects in. You need to first learn how to clean. Those should have never grown like that if you were properly sanitizing your bathroom. Secondly you need to contact your landlord and tell him about the situation. He will only have to cut away a section about 1 foot by 6 inches behind the toilet to repair that bad wood. If he doesn't fix it a quick fix for you would be to take a small putty knife and chip all that dirt and rotted wood from there and to saok a rag in bleach and lay it on the spot for a day. Then dry the area really well and fill the hole with a brown putty that is water resistent. And after all that is done you should remember to always clean your bathroom really well. If you clean inside and around your toilet every other day you won't have any issues like that ever again. OH and if and when you buy the putty and scraper to fix the problem. Tell your landlord that those items price will be deducted from your next months rent. He probably won't have an issue with that.


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What you need to do is move. If mold is in the house it will eventually make you sick. Not achoo sick either. Like you have cancer sick. Consider breaking the lease if you can and if not get it cleaned up. (expensive) but well worth it.


You can legally break your lease over that. When your landlord takes you to court takes lots of pics and bring them in. Mold is a nasty thing. I broke two leases and went to court twice with a lawyer and told the judge " here are my pictures, They would not fix the problem and I cant live in there" the judge agreed said it was an unsafe envrioment and dismissed his case agaist me both times. Good Luck with mushrooms.


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I saw a funny T-shirt yesterday. "I must be a mushroom because they keep me in the dark and feed me shit." It was so funny. I loffed.

Clean your fucking bathroom. Slob. What the fuck did you expect to happen? Geraniums?
if i was your landlord id evict you and keep all deposits for cleaning and repairs

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Fucking mold. I hate that shit and the idea of it possibly making us sick. That's what we were afraid of. Bought one of those home mold tests just to see what it showed. But if the landlords don't do anything, which is what I expect, we are just going to bail.

edit: Hang on a second. This place is a 100 times cleaner then when we moved in. If anything, they owe us fucking money for making the place better. There's not much cleaning behind that toilet which is basically water damaged wood covered in ugly-ass, permanently stained and water-damaged linoleum from the 1980s. They only thing that would clean that up back there is what was mentioned previously and that's cut it out and replace what's there.

In the 4 months since moving in, we've replaced non-working door hardware, replaced the bathroom faucet, repaired the door to the garage, repaired windows, repainted the gawd-awful orange dining room and deep blue bedroom, taken care of the infestation. This is just another straw on the camel's back of landlords that don't really give a shit about their house or their tenants.
not true i rent out a very nice house and i fully cleaned it before tenants moved in and 1 clause of the lease is that if they dont properly clean and maintain the property i can kick them the fuck out. if you accepted the conditions before you moved in then shame on you. i f you agreed to correct those conditions and thats documented then get to fixin........either way it was a bad move.
You could call the health department...

Health Issues
The health affects of mold are generally grouped in the following four categories. Numerous conditions including type and species of mold, exposure levels and methods, environmental conditions, individual sensitivities, etc. are all considered to be factors in the response.

For some people, the "moldy odor" can be irritating to mucous membranes, cause headaches and other symptoms. This odor comes from volatile organic compounds (VOC's) produced by mold as it degrades organic substrates and is generally considered one of the primary causes of irritation.

Allergic reactions are typically the most common health problem. Symptoms include respiratory problems and difficulty breathing, nasal and sinus congestion, burning/watery or reddened eyes, dry hacking cough, nose and throat irritation, shortness of breath, skin irritation, headaches, memory problems, mood changes, aches and pains, and possible fever.

There are an estimated 100 species of mold known to cause infections in humans and immune suppressed individuals are especially at risk. Infections can be localized or systemic. Aspergillosis is a common fungal infection requiring hospitalization in the U.S. Other fungi can infect hair, skin and nails.

Many species of mold produce toxic metabolites called mycotoxins which are believed to be most prevalent in spores (both living and dead spores). Mycotoxins are of special concern since some may present a greater hazard to humans than all other conditions including nerve damage, organ damage, and cancer. Symptoms of toxicosis from mold include cold and flu-like symptoms, headache, nosebleeds, memory problems, fatigue, dermatitis, immune suppression, etc.

From http://www.envirochex.com/Mold/Mold_Health.htm