What the F is with shitty phone drivers? What the F?

I don't mind people talking on the phone at the same time as they drive as long as they can handle it and they are going straight. I almost got hit by some cunt doing a U-TURN on a fucking highway. Now U-turns on highways are easy here in Texas because the roads are designed for them. But it still requires lots of concentration and both hands. And then to top it off when the accident was avoided the dumb cunt sits there in the MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING HIGHWAY blocking two lanes and still TALKING ON HER FUCKING PHONE!


I Want To Kill You All
Isn't it great when some empty-headed broad nearly kills you because she cannot suppress her never-ending urge for mindless babbling? Between dipshits on cellphones, senile geezers running stop signs, and those goddam asians, I am nearly killed every time I get in my car these days.

By a goddam headset if you just have to talk while driving.


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Let's not blame just the women - you guys are just as bad with those phones and nearly causing accidents.

Regardless of who is to blame - male or female - the best thing is to either stay off the phone or use a headset.


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I used to have a bumper sticker that said "Perhaps that cell phone would work better shoved up your ass?" or something to that effect but that DEFINITELY applies, in the case of driving and being on a cell phone at the same time. IT SIMPLY SHOULD NOT FUCKING HAPPEN. It's common fucking sense.