What vacation best-ofs would you like to hear?


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the hypnotist shows , laugh my ass off everytime


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anything with a cowbell hurtling @ esd's head would be worth listening again...


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The one where they fired Earl (oh I forgot I must have been dreaming,cant fire the ******)

banana cock

How many naked men would it take to kill a bear? HILARIOUS


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I was really digging the older replays that Pepper (had to be him Earl sucks) started playing. Fez killed.


drunk fez


Tony bagels gives dave a myfi

Best of turtle and striker call in :)
I know we've heard most of them the last time they went on vacation how about the Gail O stuff again. I always love listening to that insane woman scream at Paul.
Hypnosis, Both Power Hours, The couple times where people called in to diagnose Fez as Autistic.


and THATS how you executive produce!
Stuff from the first month on XM.


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I'd like to hear that time a listener emailed in a "Board Report".
Iris thinking Fez is stuck on the Retard island tramcar.
Anything with Soundboard Fez. Soundboard Fez vs. Mark Lawrence.
Harry Elvis' bad standup.


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1) Beating up 9 year olds

2) Harry's shining moment-tearing into Billy Staples


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Fez loves Dawn Cumia coming out episode. \\\\\\\\\\\\\pretty sure that was the Jenna Torturers episode too. Killer show
I heard Ron tell Earl a week or so ago to slip some WNEW stuff in there. Not sure if they are allowed to but i heard ron say it so here goes.

old WNEW stuff:

Any Al Dukes crazy shit - may i suggest near the end of his tenure when he started doing "slam poetry" priceless mental breakdown stuff.

Any Billy Staples stuff maybe a combo staples/Al bit with the " pay check situation", or lobster claws segment when Billy was crazy drunk.

Old Fezetorials. And Iris calls.

Any (and all) Kenny " no wait im the one who says things" Allan calls. Im not sure why :icon_wink but Ron and that Kenny Allan kid had a great chemistry together. Great radio.

Any Joe Poo stuff would be cool as well. He wasnt with the show too long but he made his mark. Maybe some of his stories about delivering pizza and howd he do gross things sometimes to the pizza. Any segment were hed be in as a 3rd mike. (off topic anyone know what happened to Joe Poo? one day he was there and the next he was gone. I have a feeling Fez is to blame... he does start fights with everyone)

Any AFRO show. Maybe the one were Paul O was there getting an enama.

Hey also they had great segments from WJFK as well . Like Crazy Jen,Paul O and Gail O might have been at their best, Perrynoid, Fat Baby AKA Cigar Cid, Jdubbs, and the birth of the Hypno show. maybe fit some of that in too.

But who are we kidding ? Earl will not do a good job with these best of. We are bound to get shows from a week ago and LOTS of interview segments. And of course Earl will go the extra mile to edit out his fuck ups.

Does anyone have the exact dates RaF are on vacation?
The hypno show and the kids show.

What ever it is, just don't play it 20 times a week.


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old wnew/wjfk shit! shit that i forgot happened, if i can remember it now i don't want to hear it. but thats just me.


Yeah... I got nothing
Play the first drinking show that Fez had coming back from the heart attack..
Anything soundboard Fez related
Intern revolution
hypnosis show