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That's even better than a sequel, especially if Clement and Waititi are starting. Looking forward to this.
Please don't fuck this up.
I misread the article. Clement is writing and Waititi is directing but they have an all new cast. This is an American reboot of the movie.


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This I'm willing to give the benefit of doubt.

1. Clement and Waititi are stilll involved with it.
2. FX
3. Wilfred


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I've heard good things.


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The energy Vampire is hilariously awful.
Awful being key. It's a great joke concept, but really for one episode. Plus, it's meant to attract a more American base in a character.

The whole dynamic of the original film is lost here. Rather, with characters like Colin, this is more like a latter-day played out Christopher Guest mockumentary. That beautifully simple film script was turned into an overly complex and crowded mess. What really worked best originally was that The Young Ones with vampires fraternal atmosphere they were went for, and that was the first thing Clement and Waititi compromised on to get this off the ground.

In this, the female character Nadja seems cut and pasted in, as does the guy who plays Guillermo. She and that guy seem more like corporate mandated boilerplate progressive tweaks than natural organic-feeling characters that seem integral (although he's given some new purpose near the end of the season to add a cliffhanger). More off-putting is that Nandor, the new main vampire character, is clearly being based on Waititi's fop Viago personality with more of the the look of Clement's Vlad, who still also seems to be the base for Laszlo's character. That great distinction in the original characters that helped make the original film work was tossed out the window. As such, Berry, who I imagined first to just play Clement's character, and easily could have, ends up marginalized. It's an odd switch that he's got second billing and is the biggest name in the cast as well. It feels like more FX compromise.

Of course, that makes not one bit of difference, as it's critically acclaimed, already renewed, and Guillermo may be considered for an Emmy.

In a nutshell, if you really loved the original film, you may not be the audience for this version.

Nadja's Jeff jerkoff dialogue has some staying power as a clip, though. Gonna suck if you have that name.


I enjoyed the original and looking forward to where this one ends up.

Really wonder if Beanie will be back.