What Were Your Favorite Moments on The Opie & Anthony Show for 2011?


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What Were Your Favorite Moments on The Opie & Anthony Show for 2011?


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the hour Jimmy killed Patrice over Independence Day, sure this was early 2011

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The African Dream


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The shows when Ant was out and O&J had Jay Mohr and Ronnie B fill in.

The shows after Patrice's stroke & after he passed away (Not just for their entertainment value, those shows transcended radio and were really moving). In particular, Dave Attell's entrance. I put his line down as the greatest I've heard on O&A ever, for multiple reasons.

Patton Oswalt, Nick Swardson, & Jim improving that movie idea.

Breuer's mother story/call.

Penn Jillette and Steven Wright's Appearances (namely when Penn and Joe Rogan were in studio at the same time).

Patrice singing with Warren Haynes (Admittedly, this meant more to me after he passed).

Bill Lehecka

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September 14th, 2011: the day the nude Scarlett Johansson pics leaked.


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Patrice's tribute show. Louie, Dave Attell, Rogan, DeRosa, Chris Rock, busting balls, and reminiscing. Funny, and sad all at the same time.


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The hulk 9/11 show is one of the most memorable to me. Dont care much for Sam, but he was fine in this bit.
Jim Jefferies, Anthony and Kurt Metzer ripping on Ian Halperins "goddesses"
Opie losing his shit on management after his vacation. Admitting the show was just "rotting away"
Thanks for nothing event at the hardrock PAT FUCKING DUFFY
Announcing patrice had a strike and the show after he died were probably the best shows ive ever heard even though its for the worst reason

transit grinder

Baglin' with the Sex
"Where did he even get a chair that big? Who makes chairs that big???"

Loved them finally seeing the Hogan picture.


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Anthony's recent taking a dump in a restaurant story was great.

and all of Jocktober.
Bobo the retard banging on pots and pans at 6am waking his mom and sister up


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Jocktober is always my fav part of the year for O&A


Lingering longer for a longering linger
Bobo the retard banging on pots and pans at 6am waking his mom and sister up
oh yeah, this too. Oh, and Bobo making that pained animal-like wail when Kenny "blocked him" from following that girl he thought he was going out with.


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The show where Ant made a racist joke, Kenny stuck his head in the studio and said something stupid, Sam ratted out Erok, Jimmy Farted, and Opie Twittered about his underwear.


Opie realizing he was trashing his old college buddy during Jocktober, and the ensuing pile on of insults on his facebook page.


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okay the hulk hogan 9-11 bit was fuckin hilarious .. erocks vacation debacle was also great. and anytime the fat bobby kelly was on


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Paris Hilton interview and the story from the guy(name?) that robbed the Russian train.





(moreso the entire Anthony Weiner scandal)




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Definitely this years Jocktober. Fan involvement was certainly extremely fun.