What were your favorite Xmas presents ever?


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Nintendo with Super Mario Bros. Those graphics. Those 8 bit graphics. Truly vivid. So much detail. Hours and hours of peace were gifted to mom and dad because of that Nintendo.

That Christmas I also learned about a thing called Nintendo Thumb.


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Gen 1 Optimus Prime and a SEGA system.

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This. Christmas ‘83. I saw this at Bergner’s and thought it was the coolest thing I’d ever seen. I asked for it, and had no expectation of getting it. I still have it.


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Commodore 64 in 1982.

Crossman 766 American Classic .177 BB/pellet rifle in 1985.

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Grew up in a hunting family in the swamps of Florida.
When I was 10, (1978) my grandfather gave me a 1907 Ithaca 12 gauge double-barrel coach gun with a 20" barrel.
It had a vibe I can't describe, and I seriously fucking loved everything about that gun..... Right until I sold it in 1996 to help pay off my divorce. (Got a pinch over $10 G's for it at auction, but I STILL miss it badly.)
Best xmas gift a microphone. My parents know that I love singing so much.


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Best xmas gift a microphone. My parents know that I love singing so much.
Did you drop it down a well and pretend to be a child who fell in thus getting the entire town plus Sting to help try and dig him out?