What Where YOUR Favorite Bits of the last Year


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Black Earl from The Future.
Stinky and Earl's Big Adventure
The O&A Road Shows
Whipped Cream Contest
WOW Road Trip
Motley Crue Challenge
Sex for Sam II
Stalker Patty's Makeover
L&A and O&A at VMAs
and others
1. Jay vs Dice "Now it's mine!"

2. Sex for Sam II better than the 1st one.

3. The Vma's "hey Tool.."

4. Rush Hour= more spankable than Nascar!

5. "It's not **** if they blink twice." Norton joins the team.

6. The return of Psycho Mark, even tho' he sued them for $100.00 and a WoW shirt.

7. Brother Joe as DMX as James Taylor.
My favorite..
Plus so much more I can't remember.
Happy New Year All :D

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1.L&S Doin the VMA's
2.Norton Slapping Erin
3.The WOW Tour( I was there the one in Jersey)
4.Sex For Sam(Pebbles and Bam Bam Rule)
5.Homeless Shopping Spree 2
6.When Earl And Stinky went to WONA!
7.I wonder what happend to the Fish from Mafia Mob? Hmmm
8.Kimmy Getting whip cream all over her.


homeless shopping spree 2
stalker patti makeover
what the hell is that
sexy lesbians in anything always nice!


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Black to the Future
Jim Norton talking doll (I want one!) :D
O.J., Dr. Nick and Ecstasy
Jay Mohr's "Where are they now" ;) :p
Homeless Shopping Spree 2
Holiday greeting from O&A's boss aka Blu :D
Stalker Patty's makeover
Brother Joe's songs

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Oh jesus, there were so many awsome bits.

1)Mike Tyson Maxim Magazine
2)Ronald Regan-all of them
3)Vince McMahon bit-I think this was done right after XFL was done or right before, where Anthony aka Vince talks about XFL needing land-mines and shit.
4)All Jim Norton & Breuer bits
5)Otto and George meet Sandy Kane
6)Progeria kid & Brokenjaw

I'm too tired to remember what other funny bits there were.


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britney spears VVVVaaaaaaaagina


black to the future

and the gay show aka, gay marco goes to bostons cape.. and whats in your pants gone wrong...