Whats happening on O&A?!

Well I have been living in San Diego for about two months now and I think I'm starting to go crazy without my O&A... If someone can just clue me in to some of the more outrageous stuff that has happened recently, I would really appreciate it... Radio sucks over here...


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Well they ranted against Chicago because they were pre-empted by AAHL and said that San Francisco cuts out the parts were they rag about KYCY.
Mankind will be on today.
They went to Philly and did a show from there and then did a roadshow there.
The are planning to goto Boston next to go against Rocko in their old station.
Stalker Patty getting shaved.
SP going to a U2 concert with Anthony and then Anthony getting upset and asking Earl to pick cotton.

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last months lots ...spaz's kid pretty much said it ... norton now seems to be an employee.
patty is bald and lookin like pregoria kid aka.. powder or eddie furlong in american.his.X and we all learned that
down syndrome is caused by having "garbage juice as D.N.A"norton.. sux 2 be u in fag diego look 4 the internet underground broadcast... it used 2 be on impactworksradio,com
peace kid.....


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They had a couple of porrn stars that were pulling amine porn but would not get nekkid. Then, they talked to this stoned guy which was very funny. They also impersonated Rush Limbaugh as a deef retard. Ant did his impression of the pedo Dr.Smith. They then interviewed Bob May, a part of Lost of Space, but the guy in the suit.

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No one mentioned Op's sports curse yet. It's still alive Pete, He's so far cursed the Islanders, the A's, the Jets and the Mariners.
I must have missed the Giants curse along the way 'cos they've lost two (2) also.
Plus Op thinks Ant's mom is HOT!
More details forthcoming.


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I learned that Jonny Dep dies and that Roller Girl is still alive and not dead in From Hell.
Thanks OPIE!!!! :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

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Johhny Depp dies in From Hell? I don't know if I can go see it now..(insert sarcasm tag here). At least Roller girl lives.
Thanks OP!