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First big snow of the Season. 6 Inch Drifts in places. Happened over 12 hours. I love winter. So happy it's here. Summer can suck a dick.


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Rain. It was snowing a tad earlier but that didn't lay or last.

Too early and not cold enough yet down here by Philly.

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We had like 8 inches of snow here but it's mostly melted now. All that's left is the dirty stuff piled up along the road.


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Damn, I'm jealous. I love snow. Can't wait to look out the window and see all that white. Maybe it's the Anthony in me. I just love it.


Cooler weather be coming, but for now it's still the porch swing, a cigar, and a beer - in shorts...

You didn't think I was going to post the money shot, did you? Fun fact, Thora Birch was only 16 when she made that movie.


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A John Lewis department store.

(OK, in the interest of full disclosure, the lady in the pic is a member of Wackbag. No shit. And a porn mogul with a company that hosts other porn sites.)