What's the make of this thing?


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It's driven by some California Hipster Wine Maker in Santa Cruz California. It doesn't look real, like maybe it was a concept car?

I'm not seeing it being displayed, but here is a direct link to the picture hosting site.


Yeah, looks like a Citroen DS.



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Most noted for their fluid suspension system. Smoothest ride available as I understand it and it was pioneered in the 50's.

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From what I heard, you didn't need a jack to change a tire on that thing, and the car didn't even come equipped with a jack. You could somehow use the wacky hydraulic suspension system to lift whatever tire was flat right off the ground.

You could always spot a Citroen whose suspension system had blown out because the car would be squatted down on the ground like a squashed bug.
And when they were first made they used vegetable oil for hydraulic fluid...



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My uncle has one, that model is called the Dichtfer.


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I watched Green Berets with John Wayne and Sulu on Memorial Day. They grabbed a handy Citroen to make their getaway and 4-5 guys inside had the front end pointing at the sky.

Was that the model that had the headlights hooked to the steering wheel so it looked around corners when you turned?


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The Tucker, made back in the late 40's had a 3rd central light
that was controlled by the steering.

Some of the early Citroen's of the 60's did also.