When comedians get sincere....


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I'm sure many of you know that Steve Martin is a very accomplished banjo player....

He performed in honor of his friend Diane Keaton at an event in her honor at Lincoln Center....and I personally get the douche chills from the crowd's reaction here.


I wonder if Steve has ever commented on this in public. More than anything, I guess I'm just surprised that a Lincoln Center crowd wouldn't know the difference between sincerity and joking around.


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little known fact...Steve Martin has Huge Art Collection...like Picasso's and shit. He once said he "does movies to afford another art piece" which explains Pink Panther.


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Wait... is Diane Keaton dead?
no, but they had a career celebration at Lincoln Center for some reason.

I remember when they did it, Page Six ran an item on what Woody Allen joked, and Norton read it on the air, because it was so mean.....

something like
"Keaton is not a classic beauty - by classic beauty I mean 'that men find her remotely attractive'"


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no, but they had a career celebration at Lincoln Center for some reason.
I think it was for Steve...and I think it was the music from Annie Hall


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the person who recorded it had shitty seats


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It's the Kenndedy Center's 'Lifetime Achievement Award'-- utter pandering and ego-stroking douchebaggery.

I was working at the Kennedy Center when they held one for Katherine Hepburn... she had a special tunnel (drapes) constructed so she could walk from her dressing room to her seat of honor without having the Great Unwashed (i.e., people like me) look at her.... this tunnel thing was several hundred feet long and must have cost 10's of thousands of dollars in labor and rented material.

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That is one of the oddest things I've ever seen. The audience I mean.

He got the fuck off the stage the instant he was done.


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hearing O and A cover the Letterman extortion confession, the audience's reaction of wanting to laugh at Dave reminded me of this thread


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We get it, you can play the fucking banjo. Big fucking deal!
Try telling some jokes and skip the Requiem for a Hillbilly bullshit you over-done hack!
Holy shit, someone should trap him in a room and make him watch The Jerk then The Pink Panther 2 over and over untill he cracks.
How the mighty have fallen.........