When is WCW gonna start airing again?


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Does anyone know? I am what the french call a dick. I come here for all my wrestling queries. I wonder what's gonna happen on Raw tonight. Vince has to pull a rabbit out of his hat soon. Cause I am getting tired of the same old people. Stone cold and triple h I like the direction that storyline is going in. But the rest of them are just getting alittle boring. Just my take on it. We need new blood.

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Week of May 9th I believe. WCW will be in Trenton, NJ. Tickers are NOW AVIALIABLE! :D :D
Tickets were available...........until they cancelled the show. WCW won't be starting until June 9th at the earliest. Maybe not even until July. Not like it will make a difference to how weak RAW has been and will be for awhile, but will step the shows up a little when RAW has some sort of competition.
About four or five days ago. Found out the event was cancelled from the Sovereign arena website. Found out the start was pushed back from the Ross Report.
I cant wait too see what they are gonna do with it. The new WCW should be cool to watch.