When it comes to burgers and fries


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Okay I went to lunch today and I had my choice of White Castle, Burger King, Wendy's, or McDonald's. What would your choice be? Explain.

You will be judged on a ten point must system. So answer this all important question with class and benevolence. Thank you.


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Well when it comes to fast food I am very Picky...
I hate Mcdonalds the smell of it even makes me puke..

White Castle well as we all know every 10 burgers we get a free roll of toilet paper cause it makes you get the shits..

Burger King I just hate the taste of everything there Ugh it is just nasty I cant explain it..

Now for Wendys well the only thing i eat there is the Chiken Nuggets and fries thats all I will eat at this place nothing more nothing less..

I hope that explained everything Mav Babes
Given those 4 choices, I would have to pick Wendy's Mav. The fake flame-broiling at BK makes me gag,WC too greasy and only acceptable when very drunk. McD's never an option for me, I'd rather go hungry.
However I'd prefer some little bar[preferably Irish] where they know how to cook real hamburgers,and serve Guinness of course. That wasn't one of your choices tho'
so I'll go for Wendy's.... :(


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Since I rarely go to Wendy's, I will go there.

They can't even call it chicken,cos' they grow them like tomatoes, with no heads.
I do love the coleslaw tho'.

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i would go to whom ever hires the most retards.

at least the food will be clean....

old refrence... anyone get me there.


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My bf used to be the manager of the deep frier at KFC....LMAO


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No matter how you look at it, you can NEVER beat the number 2-value meal at McDonalds!

2 cheeseburgers, fries and coke - the hangover helper!

And I respect any institution that will server a "double quarter pounder with cheese!"

I don't know why they just don’t call it the hall-pounder, but I digress.

Wendy's has the best spicy chicken sand. tho...
White Castles are the greatest non-guilt fast food. You know no matter how many you eat, most of it will come out within a couple of hours.

McDonalds and Burger King aren't so good anymore for some reason, but both have really good fries. When it comes to burgers though, Wendy's is definitely best.

I really miss Roy Rogers and like Arby's roast beef though...even though it was kinda icky in a way, it was also kinda good.

Ugh, now I'm hungry.


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Originally posted by Daydreams33
Ugh, now I'm hungry.
i got a tastey lil treat for *wink wink nudge nudge* ok maybe im letting it go on for to long but darm it just seemed right


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vomiting as i type.

Well, it all depends.

FRIES ? McDonalds, when their not cold.
BURGERS? Any Diner

Overall i go to Wendys, never get fast food burgers they make me sick, but i like the grilled chicken combo at Wendys. And their Chilli kicks ass! Fries give Micckey D's a run for their money too.

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Little thing called protien deficiantcy.


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I would always choose a diner over a fast food joint for a burger, especially if I was in North Jersey, where diner is not just a noun but a verb. But if I had to pick fast food, I'd go with Wendy's. Their burgers are passable, their fries are less salty than McDonald's, and their spicy chicken sandwich is actually damn tasty.


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Now I know why I hate Fast Food. I took my son to Mcdonalds
I ate the fried chicken sandwich... And now My stomach is killing me.. See I barely eat this shitty ass food... Now I fucking Know WHY!!:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:


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Wendy's is at the top of my list as well. Their bacon is pliable, their fries are the best in my opinion, and the Frosties are delicious.

If you folks ever visit Texas, check out Whataburger. Their burgers are pretty good, and they've never changed the taste of their excellent fries (unlike SOME chains I know).

Steak-n-Shake just recently branched out to the DFW area. Their burgers are OK, but their fries are pretty good.


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I haven't eaten in any of those places in years.I was out doing chores today.It was 11:45 and I still didn't have anything to eat.I went to BK.Ordered a cheese burger, fries and a coke.The burger sucked.The fries were pretty good.They crunchy and salted.I remember having Wendy's fries and they were gross.Bland and hardly cooked.NowI know why I don't eat that crap!

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Gotta go with Wendys also....cheap lunch!
Wendy's fries suck around here....all limp and shit
You can get 2 burgers a chick nugget and fries and a drink for 5 bucks!;)
I'm a Chik-fil-A girl, but when it comes down to those places, hands down, Wendy's.


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Chubby's and Big Joe's in FL like some straight ghetto ass good as fuck burgers and fries best food in the world better then all those busted ass fast food joints

waffles and fried chicken cant fuck with it
If I had to do fast food, Wendy's. I would rather have a burger from The Blazer in Goldens Bridge or Elmer Suds in Croton. You can have a Guinness on tap and it's more civilized.


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Wendy's BY FAR has the best fast food....after that I say taco bell...although Mighty Taco (local chain) isnt all that bad but it gives you major gas and bad stomach aches thats why i dont eat there...