When online romance goes horribly wrong...all the way around.


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God I love the internet.

**Warning, the story is a 3-pager, but it's a quick read. The payoff is priceless!!!


Edit: Fair enough.

Married guy starts online romance with 17 year old, claiming he's a young soldier in Iraq, as well as claiming to be the boy's father at other times in various conversations. They 'fall in love'. She mails thongs, photos, and other shit to the 'father' to forward to the son. Married guy's 22 year old friend starts talking to the girl too (trying to back up married guy's story), and starts up his own romance with her. Married guy gets pissed, shoots friend to death. Police go looking to question girl but mom says girl's out of town. Truth comes out and girl's mom is actually playing the roll of the girl (who's identity is actually that of her daughter).

Married guy's life is ruined, tries to kill himself twice while in jail awaiting murder trial, his wife and kids don't want anything to do with him anymore. All the while he's still waiting for himself to magically transform into the young soldier that he pretended to be.


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As a poster, it's your obligation to summarize. Especially if you're unable to entirely quote the article.

All I saw were two dipshit dudes on the first page and like 30000 words. I closed the tab not long after.


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Even the explanation hurt my head.


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Did anyone else hear Chris Hansen reading the story?


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For something that wonderful there needs to be video. If your a cop and your going to break the news to a guy that the girl he meet online and killed his friend over wasnt a hot teen but some old dried up bitch you need to film it.