Where Do You Do Your Reading?

CM Mark

The East is Ours!
So I've noticed in the last week or so I don't really do my reading at home anymore. I've been spending a lot more time, and money, in Starbucks and doing my reading there.

That made me curious as to where the rest of you literate degenerates do your reading.


Every night in bed, and basically anywhere that I know I will have time to burn (doctor's appointment, DMV, subway/train). I can't read on a bus cuz I get nauseous but trains are no problem. I also fly to Israel about once a year, which is an 11 hour flight. I usually sleep through most but when I'm awake I'm reading.


I'm Biv Dick Black, the Over Poster.
Used to on the bus, but I don't ride it anymore. That killed a lot of my reading. Work at lunch. Lots of reading at home, usually at night. If I'm really into a book, I'll play video games while listening to O&A and read during the commercials.
Mainly on the bus. Great way to make the ride go by. Also some in the breakroom before I go into work, time permitting.


High maintenance, low tolerance
In a restaurant booth at lunch break from work (kindle) and in bed (iPad).


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On the shitter, in bed at night, at meals, whenever I'm in any type of waiting room, etc.

Where I've been staying this last month there's no TV/internet/electricity, so I've knocked out 4+ novels so far. However when I'm in the mountains for recreation (family's ranch, backpacking/camping, etc) I rarely ever read.

Voodoo Ben

The African Dream
at night, in my room, usually before i go to bed.