Where do you get your news?


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On another board I frequent, it seems to be jam packed of nitwits whom are quick to counter anything mainstream news related with an onslaught of obscure news links which are sure to never be used again for other media references they may bring to the forums. This is becoming really trite. I definitely have a hard time buying the "stories" fox tends to throw at you. I find them to be a tad slanted at times. It just gets me aggrivated that every time I don't agree with someone who wants to believe everything some random joe puts on his blog, I (and pretty much everyone else who disagrees) "must be one of those people that belives everything fox news tells you". As I said before, I basically see fox news as a socially exceptable tabloid.

Pretty much, I'm just curious at to what other media outlets and news agencies you guys trust to get your news from.


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Wall Street Journal.

New York Post
Local paper


Not New York Times
Not USA Today
Not LA Times
Not any blog


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BBC News
CNN International
NY Times.com

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Opie and Anthony Show


And no, I'm not joking. That is honestly where I get my news


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I write my own news, using the AP and several local papers and TV.


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Wackbag, O&A, a little from Ron & Fez, sometimes the local paper, and rarely TV.
To be quite honest I get most of my news from here, the people in my office, and the little TV screen with random daily headlines in the elevator in my office building.

At least I know people around here are biased, I hate actual "news people".


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wsj, fark, o&a, and digg (rarely). I'd rather get my news from The Onion than watch local news or CNN, etc.


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That's true... I do get hear a lot of news on this board first.