Where is Darryl Strawberry???

Well this is too fucking funny. He escapes from the rehab center and no can find him. Why arent they checking the crack houses. And Doc Gooden is searching for him. If Strawberry isnt dead from killing himself or overdosing and turns up i bet he his gonna say he ran away cause of the colon cancer and his coke addiction.
I'm gonna ask my uncle if he knows where he is... You know druggies hang out in groups! :)
I am watching the Yankees game and Doc Gooden was there for the Opening Day raising of the Championship banner I thought he was supposed to be looking for Strawberry i guess he is not on the case. Hello im Detective Doc Gooden im looking for my friend Darryl Strawberry.


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What darrl strawberry's dead he's locked in my basement. $50,000 or the big nostrelled motherfucker gets it. I love it he's like the OJ. Writing notes to the police saying he was kidnapped. Fucking ponderous.
Not only that you gotta love Doc Gooden claiming he is on the case now in the search for Darryl Strawberry. Heh heh i was laughing my ass off when he was saying at the Yankee game today how on Saturday he and a few friends went to Tampa and where looking around all the drug spots for Darryl i guess Detective Doc Gooden since he retired from baseball last week wants to join STRAW in a coke binge.


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He is a tool dumb ass can't kick the fucking habit
I was fucking right look he turned up and blamed his lastest troubles on the colon cancer and his drug addictions. That kidnapping story was the funniest thing he came up with i never knew Strawberry was a comedy writer.