Where were you on September 11, 2001?


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I was awake, but still lying in bed. I heard a noise. It was a soft drone which soon turned into a cacophony. I heard it go right over my building, shaking the windows. An unnatural sound of machinery reverberated off the streets and through the buildings. My first thought was, "That sounded like a missile." Of course, I had never heard a missile in real life before, but the sound was just so loud, so fast, and so powerful I didn't know what else to think. My second thought was, "That can't be good."

I got up to piss and have a piece of pie (my breakfast of choice at the time) and decided to turn on the TV to make sure that nothing bad actually happened. I thought maybe if worse came to worse a plane crashed downtown. The TV revealed the gaping hole, and they were saying a plane had crashed into the tower. I thought maybe it was a small, private plane, not thinking about how wide the tower actually was, or maybe thinking that a passenger jet couldn't just crash there.

I called a friend of mine who lived in a high rise just a few block away, facing the towers. After he picked up I asked him, "Did any strange noises wake you up this morning?" And for the next fifteen minutes we, like everyone else in the world wondered if this were just an accident or something more. I was watching on TV while he was looking out the window when the second plane hit. I heard his wife scream in the background and I said, "Dude, we're under attack."

He said, "I'll call you later."

I debated about going down there with my camera, but I figured I'd probably get run over accidentally by some kind of emergency vehicle. I spent the rest of the morning watching it all unfold on TV, sometimes losing my shit completely, and wondering if I'd be alive by the end of the night, wondering if this weren't the start of World War III.

There are a lot of moments from that day and the surreal days that followed that I could write about here, but not now. Ten years on, I still pause when I hear aircraft that seem a bit too loud. I'll mute the TV and wait for the sound to recede, just to make sure that everything's okay.

What does that day mean to me? This event that affected me personally as a resident of NYC and as an American? I still don't know. It's affected us all in various ways, both mental and physical. My friend who I talked about earlier has since had several major surgeries and suffers from ailments affecting his lungs, stomach, and kidneys, which can all be traced to that toxic soup that hung in the air downtown and which rose from the fires that burned for three months after the attack.

I don't know how to wrap this up.


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This is going to be a depressing thread...


I was walking in downtown Jerusalem when my mom called me to tell me about it, mainly because my father was in NYC at the time. I was in the IDF and got an emergency call to get back to base (can't really talk about it, but suffice it to say 9/11 changed my entire military service).


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I was in middle school. It was between classes. Someone mentioned, the world trade center collapsed. I went to class and we watched the aftermath happen on tv. one of the asshole teachers refused to deviate from his shitty lesson plan. I could give a shit about science at that moment. The rest of the day we watched the news.

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We were living in Vegas at the time, so of course I didn't see any of it live. My wife got a call right after the second tower was hit. We knew the phone ringing at 6am couldn't be a good thing but thought it was just isolated bad news about a relative. Were told to turn on the TV and I was completely in shock.

I remember when my kid came home from school and telling her that she should try and remember what life was like before 9/11 because things are going to now be changed forever. Probably the seriousness of it was lost on a 10 year old because she doesn't even remember the conversation.

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I was in class at my middle school. I had heard that the WTC had been bombed. It seemed like an interesting story. By the time I got to my next class, the TV was turned to the news and everyone was silent. I believe the towers had already collapsed by then. I was tired of the story by the time I got home. I was annoyed that my mom wanted to watch the news even though I didn't intend on watching TV at all that night.

(For anyone who doubted that I had truly sociopathic tendencies, there you go.)


We were living in Vegas at the time, so of course I didn't see any of it live. My wife got a call right after the second tower was hit. We knew the phone ringing at 6am couldn't be a good thing but thought it was just isolated bad news about a relative. Were told to turn on the TV and I was completely in shock.

I remember when my kid came home from school and telling her that she should try and remember what life was like before 9/11 because things are going to now be changed forever. Probably the seriousness of it was lost on a 10 year old because she doesn't even remember the conversation.
Yeah, as I was watching it happen (it was afternoon in Israel) I remember thinking to myself that this is one of those things that would change everything.


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I was a junior in highschool. Heard about it in between periods, saw the second plane hit on the tv in my social studies class.


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I was working in an office, and a guy walked by and said "Someone accidentally flew a plane into the World Trade Center". It was a good few minutes before anyone figured out that it was actually a big jet, not just some little one man plane. I remember going to cnn.com trying to get updates and they had the "accident" story up there until the second tower got hit. After that everyone just kind of stopped working and turned on their radios or went down to the cafeteria to watch TV.

A friend of mine screamed and we ran over to see what the problem was and she had just heard on the radio about Flight 93 crashing in Pennsylvania. She was hysterically crying because "My brother lives in Pennsylvania!!" I put my arm around her and tried very hard not to laugh at the notion that the plane happened to land on her brother's head. I guess at the time nobody really knew how many planes were up there, but even then it still seemed kind of silly. Our office was only 2 miles from the Buffalo Airport and I will admit I jumped every time a plane came in for a landing after we realized what was happening.

I left work early and went home and watched the news with my wife. She just sat there sobbing.

My friend had a card game scheduled for that night, and when I called to see if we were still on his wife answered and begged me to come over because he and a couple of his fellow cop friends that were already over were making plans to go sign up for the military the next day. She wanted me to come over and talk him out of it. I drove over there blaring "Don't Tread On Me" and walked in and said "So, who wants to go fuck up some sand n***ers?" I thought his wife was going to kill me, but over the course of the evening I explained to them that our response would be so fast and effective that even if they signed up it would be over before they got over there. My friend texted me the day we finally got Bin Ladin and pointed out how stupid I was, but I think he's glad he didn't go, seeing as how it went on so long.


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I was on the final day of a five day suspension at the start of my senior year in high school for getting caught with hash in my car on campus (long story).

I woke up around 7 AM here (10 AM EST) and turned on the TV, which is about when people were starting to realize it was definitely an attack. I remember specifically the panic when they couldn't "locate" like a dozen more planes. It was definitely weird to sit there and watch the situation unfold all day on TV without anyone to talk to (parents were at work, brothers and friends were at school).


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I just finished breakfast at my college mess hall and while I was walking out to go to class I noticed a group of people hanging around the TV room area of the hall. I went over to see what they were watching and saw tower 1 with huge cavity and smoke pouring out. I just thought it was an accident so I just said something stupid like "thats some crazy shit" and went to my class. The professor started class saying that he knew what had happened and he was going to just go on with the class. We just went on and I tried to not think about what was going on until some totally random guy came running down the lecture halls aisles. He pulled the prof aside and spoke to him away from his mic. He turned around and announced that the second tower was hit and a handful of students whose parents obviously worked in the WTC got up and ran out of the room. He kept everyone calm and dismissed everyone first by those who had family that worked in the area and then alphabetically. My last name is towards the end of the alphabet so I got to watch almost every kid file out of the hall. All I could think of was the stories I had heard from my parents about where they were when they found out about JFK and how I never really thought their experience was anything special. I got back to my dorm on that gorgeous fall morning and watched the rest unfold. I also was listening to Stern and it was giving me chills the people that were calling in and the craziness of the whole situation. I also remember frantically calling my mom who was working in Brooklyn at the time and not being able to reach her for hours. I remember it like it was yesterday.


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I was a junior at Penn State, had a fucking 8:05 class on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I think I was actually early that day and I had been sitting for awhile. I heard two of the guys behind me talking and one of them said that the WTC had been hit by a plane. I thought it was just some Cessna that got disoriented in the city and didn't think anything of it for the rest of class. My next class was IO Psychology and our professor would always have the front page of MSNBC up on the projection screen every morning before he started class. My mouth literally dropped to the floor when I walked into the classroom and I was looking at a 50 front page of msnbc.com with the two burning towers.


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I was home, unemployed (post shoulder surgery), listening to Stern... living 20 minutes away from Logan, under major flight paths was nervewracking.
Sept 12, I was driving home on the Pike from a traffic hearing in Chicopee... seeing no air traffic, save a single AWACS orbiting downtown was a surreal sight.


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I was painting a tan van listening to howard when baba booie came in and announced that a plane hit the tower


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At my job at the time watching it happen in real time (not on tv), then not even realizing until several minutes later, when I got to a tv, seeing the footage of the second tower coming down (I had only seen the first one come down live). Then I remember suggesting to everyone who was around me, to close the windows, vents, etc because I was thinking I had no idea if the wind would shift and what might've been in that cloud of smoke. Later that day, I remember there being a bomb scare in the Empire State Building, and at that point I was so mentally drained, I just assumed I was about to watch that come down too. It didn't seem all that unreasonable at the time. It's hard to believe it's been an entire fucking decade!


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I was in Jersey City, NJ in college. Went down to the waterfront and saw the first tower fall. I was able to get home before everything was shut down. The volunteer fire company I was in was on standby for about a week because we volunteered to go to ground zero to help out.

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I was in the black helicopter triggering the controlled demolition.

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I was in 8th grade homeroom when the first plane hit. The teachers were told not to tell us anything even though we knew something was going down. One kid, his name is Matt, said "a plane did a kamikaze into the World Trade Center." and I didn't think really anything of it. The rest of the day went by as normal as we didn't get really any information from any of the teachers. My last period teacher was crying during the class and she gave us a study hall. We were just working on homework when they announced that a tragedy happened but they didn't give us any real information as to what happened. I was living in Sayville, Long Island at the time so we did have a few kids that were pulled out of school by there parents but we still didn't really think much of it.

They cancelled football practice and my mom was waiting for me on the porch when I got home. She hugged me and asked me what I knew, I told her that they didn't tell us anything at school. She told me to go watch the TV and it was just a loop of the buildings going down.

I played video games after that.

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I was in Dortmund, Germany, in a movie theater. The movie was Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Not a bad movie. When it ended, they plugged the news into their speakers, that's how the whole theater found out.

Kinda scared me, actually (my folks fly a lot). I had to wait to get home to the people I was staying with, before I could call home.
I was having the best day of school eva! Didn't have to do shit in any class just watched CNN.