Where's Andrew from Brooklyn been?


Hey Asshole Face!
i bet his parents found out and took his D & D privleges away from him.

Spayshul Endverrrrrrr

Man I had that in my head for like a month straight, got my wife to say it a lot too.


am i the only one that says my lingerrrrr longerrrr like stupid andrew from brooklyn says spayce shuttlllle endeavourrrrrrrr?????


uppity taxpayer
andrew from brooklyn is the same dummy who calls the big daddy graham show on wip(sports radio)overnites down here in philly.i know its him, you cant mistake that voice.
he says his name is AJ when he calls this show.
just another goofball who is probably 48 years old.
My favorite part is when the guys interrupt him and he gets agitated and says "excuse-me"


She A Great Big Fat Person?
Can't you just give it a break and forget it?

I can't. :action-sm
I drive by the Depew exit of the NYS Thruway every day, and every day I want to get off the highway, look him up, and ask where those fucking pictures are.