Which movie do you wanna see the most this week??


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Snatch (with brad pitt

The Pledge Jack Nicholson Benicio del Toro

Cast Away (the one with tom hanks)

Traffic (catherine Zeta Jones and her man)

13 days (Kevin Cosner) the one about the cold war i think

The Gift (keanu Reeves)

Finding forrester (Wife beater Sean Connery)

Which one do you wanna see the most??

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I'm on the nightrain!!!


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LOL jay I knew you were gonna say that...um I think the most interesting one to see would be castaway, because tom hanks basically does the whole movie by himself.
Im sure Castaway is a good movie but i seriously hate Tom Hanks i enjoyed his movies when he used to make you laugh.

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I'm on the nightrain!!!


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who cares M22 you said you wont be watching the movie anyway, :)
but I would like to see the gift if anything


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I wanna see Down to Earth i have heard it is a really funny movie and i like Chris Rock he is funny.

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Akane you dummy!!!!

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I recently saw...Save the last dance....it was really ghetto, but I loved it!