Which staff member do you like the best?


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Erock the beaten

Danny the crapper

Travis the tranny

Than "the elitist country club munt (male cunt)"

Sam the "hmm hmmm"

Steve "I'm a homo" C

Roland "2 finger anal inspector"

Master "I'll kill you in a minute, but fill out this paper work first" Po

Club Soda "Smoothie Master" Kenny


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Doesn't Derrick still work there?


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Than is the funniest/wittiest on mike, but I'm pretty sure few, if any, of us really know who does the "best" job overall.


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I don't think there is anyway that we could know this. Hell, even they don't know what the other guys do.

I would say Danny just because he's not Than or Sam and ERock obviously has issues. But keep in mind that I know absolutely nothing and it will stay that way.


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Steve From Bayshore.... OBVIOUSLY


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this thread is useless without a poll. can never have to many polls...don't ya know.


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Erock the beaten

Danny the crapper

Travis the tranny

Than "the elitist country club munt (male cunt)"

Sam the "hmm hmmm"

Steve "I'm a homo" C

Roland "2 finger anal inspector"

Master "I'll kill you in a minute, but fill out this paper work first" Po

Club Soda "Smoothie Master" Kenny
this really made me laugh :haha7::haha7::haha7:

how about we go least favorite?



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po is everyone's least favorite...


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Club Soda Kenny. And the bits that he is a part of are actually funny.


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they are always complimenting danny on his work and saying how he "did his homework"


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It's hard to say since none of us really know who contributes/researches/produces/pitches what for the show behind the scenes. As far as on air laughs.....I would say Erock. Most of the jokes made may be at his expense, but they are segments and laughs nonetheless.


Than passed over Erock?

Than and Danny did, as far as how well....

And this thread should be entitled "which staff member do you like the best" since not one of us have a fucking clue about what any of them do behind the scenes.

BTW Danny and his diseased liver rules!


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Only going by what I hear on the air, this is how I rank them:

Steve - In terms of his production, His misses (How'd your parents die?) are almost as great as his hits (RAMOOOONE!). I'll blame the inventor and Epshtein completely on Sam. His hatred of Jimmy and contempt for the fans only enhance his on-air presence. Love the Steve C.

E-Rock - Nobody in the industry takes a beating worse or gives a beating better. All eyes are watching him and he never fails to give them more fodder for the show. His seemingly endless stupidity and laziness are brilliant on levels even Earl Douglass has never thought of.

Danny - In 3 years I think there have been maybe two or three unintentional screwups involving the replay. That's tedious, thankless work. Thanks, Danny. Also gave us the best segment of 2007 with the 8 track school porn tapes and was fantastic when they used to let him take the mike out on the street. He was headed for #1 before the merger talk and that homeless guy put all the restrictions on the XM side.

Kenny - For whatever reason, Kenny is the one character Opie has never managed to overuse. I celebrate his entire catalog. He is great on air or when the boys are goofing on him.

Roland - Needs to spend time finding more Donna D'Erico's and less time trying to get them to take the cast of 'Once'. His fight with ESD was epic and makes me feel like the best is yet to come. Roland '08!

Travis - I never get tired of the girl references.

Derek - I have no idea what he does, and haven't heard him on the air since maybe 2005, which is good compared with:

Sam - AJ Poopyshitz was ok, but the Inventor and Epshtein was...not ok. For every half step forward he takes about a dozen backwards. If he wasn't indirectly responsible for the Welcome Back Sam song he'd be in last place.

Than - Most of the time his on-air work consists of disrupting the flow of the show to tell them to go to break or that shrill, annoying, girlish, faggy giggle after everything Anthony says. Sometimes after a 1 or 2 second pause. Like he's not sure he's supposed to laugh and then forces it out. Awful beyond description. He's at his worst when he tries to go after E-Rock, or when talking about Mother. He just sounds like a spoiled, whiny little cunt. It's been a loooooong time since 'Bombs and Flubs'. A long time.

If I missed anyone, I don't care.

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Danny does indeed rule, he's the only one that pays me any attention if I email the staff. Steve replied to me, but only after I attached pictures of my cock. Po is a shitdick. Erock is too much of a pushover, then comes off cunty when he finally has enough of everyone. Than and Sam are good boys. Kenny is a buffoon. Roland and me have the same hairline. Enough of my two cents. From my lips to gods ears.

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I think Danny is the best on air, everyone else seems way too nervous.
Danny, Than, and Steve are very good.
E-rock is a mess.
Rick was such a better producer...and seemed to be on the ball. But I digress...:icon_evil


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Technically Kenny is personal security/road manager and not a member of the show. Neither is Master Po who is XM security or Roland who works for a booking agency that XM employs.

Oh...and Rick was a tool and I'm pretty sure he was only where he was because of who Opie was dating at the time.


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Awesome Garret.

I give it even money on Danny, Than and Sam as far as on-air goes. I love Sam's goofy shit (ESD should take notes on how to pull it off like a professional). Than's dry humor is hilarious. And Danny is just so comfortable on mic, in a fun-loving, drunken way.