Whiny gun-grabbing celebrity hypocrites made to look foolish

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As soon as the guns started firing I started dying laughing. Whoever made that video rules.


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The Conan one was fucking great. They were drinking while shooting the day he filmed that.


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That's fucking great. Goin up on facebook right now.


Sharing everywhere. I hate the term "culture of violence" but if those people hate guns so much, they can easily say no to all these projects. "Whores" was the operative word there. Bunch of fucking whores.

PS: I think the portrayal or irresponsible gun use for comedic purposes is just as bad in this video. Like Zoe Deschanel clumsily handling a rifle at a range and almost shooting someone. HAHAHAHA THAT'S HILARIOUS!!!!die.
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Haven't seen the original. I'm glad I saw it first this way. Oh yuck. I can't watch Team America soon enough. Self-important hollywood douchetards.