Who Are Your Favorite Black Guests?


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As from Ron on Thursday's R&F Show, with Chris Rock and Mike Tyson in the last two shows and Tracy Morgan on today's worst-of.

Who are your favorite black guests and why?


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Oh and Gary Coleman was surprisingly entertaining. Especially the interview where he's bashing the movie he was supposed to be promoting.


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Ah here it is.



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Patrice was my favorite.

Kevin Hart and DL hughley aren't too bad.


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Patrice (for obvious reasons...especially love the rest stop story and the jail story)
Not really a guest but a regular: Black Earl early years: "What you want on this wall", Sticker stop where he fucked up the van. When he was trapped inside the Wow van.
Chris Rock : when he watched 2 girls one cup
Brainfarting on her name....the black chick who worked or interned telling about her spontaneous abortion.


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Lewis Black. Jack Black.

I think Im doing this wrong.

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God dammit guys, this thread is making us all look racist infront of Fenrir. Now he'll never post.

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Patrice Oneal, Keith Robinson, Kevin Hart, and Chris Rock.
Whoo kid on the after show is atrocious. "What????? Really????? Man!"

I liked Marion Berry addressing his cracky ways, Paul Mooney was good, as were Chris Rock and Hughley.

Patrice was the best ever.

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Patrice obviously.... I thought Paul Mooney was really good the time I heard him on the show.


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Fiddy Cent....

cause they were TERRIFIED to make a black joke.


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The dead one. Patrice was one of a kind.

Listening to Chris Rock now.
He's doing a good job.