Who is more important to the business? Flair or Hogan?

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I gotta go with Flair, just because I'm a huge Ric Flair fan and always have been. Always loved heels. He was the best that ever lived.

However I do realize Hogan did more for the business as far as bringing it into the mainstream and all that shit.

I still think Flair is more important because of how many people he influenced and how many true fans know he's the best. Just my honest opinion.

Anyways, Merry Christmas everybody.


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I like Flair much better but it is Hogan by far
He was a catalyst for both "Mania" & "Monday Night Wars" booms

Merry to you too

Lord Zero

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I think you mean "who was more important". Both are irrelevant embarrassments now.

CM Mark

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WAS more important, Hogan. IS more important, neither one. Their days have passed and they both need to get the fuck out of the ring.


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I dont mind them being around in the capacity of mentoring the younger talent, but then again they both have done things that helped ruined a once HUGE wrestling company.....

fuck'em both.

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Hogan. As much as I liked Flair, I don't remember anything he did getting a mention outside of a wrestling show. Hogan made the business much more money than Flair ever did.


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Vincent K McMahon was/is more important than either of them, but Hogan was way more important than Flair. I don't remember Flair appearing on SI covers or in major motion pictures with Sylvester Stallone.


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More important=Hogan
Genius wrestler that has genius matches that I delight in to this day=Flair

Flair also was the better character, superior on the mic and 4 Horseman shits all over Mega Powers. He was the least interesting member of nWo, too.

I didn't like Flair too much but I understood his fans and grew to appreciate him more as an adult. Hogan is a baffler to me. I'll never understand the attraction.Every guy he ever fought as a face was more interesting as him and he behaved like a heel all the time so he was never a "good guy" to me either. I'd always cheer for a guy Jake the Snake, Sycho Sid, Randy Savage, Roddy Piper over Hogan.