who is this O and A & why are they moving in on Ron and Fez 202?


.........................what nerve,i hope these fuckers are funny...as for that lil' Jimmy i wouldn't let him watch my little kid...


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One loves wine and java logs with other men in pajamas (firemen are a Friday night Bonus), and the other one is a Nazi who loves LARPing and racial diversity. They have been rumoured to hang out with some kid toucher with a crew cut.

Other than that, never heard of them


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This thread should have died a SLOW death


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Mr. Bennington should have his own channel.

You know, its funny: I cancelled my sub along with everyone else over OnA. My wife still had a unit, so I was able to listen when we took her car (which increased once I cancelled my unit).

I always found RnF boring for some reason. I guess because I was such a fan of the over the top, 100mph pace of the OnA show.

However, with RnF being all I had for the last month, I have to tell you, I am now a huge fan of them as well, and yes, Mr. B needs his own channel. He may well be one of the funniest people alive.

I am never in the car for the regular replays of RnF with OnA back now. Which is disappointing. It was nice being able to leave 202 on and turned up even with the kids in the car (for the most part).

Before this, unless it was an OnA free FM replay, I had to shut if off if we were traveling with the kids, which is always unless I am going to work or going home.

Sorry for the long winded post, but to sum it up: Yes, give the buddies their own channel! :icon_cool


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Ron Bennington should have his own continent.


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You stole my call! I was going to call and get a big laugh, and end it with a FRRRUNKISSSSS!!!

'Yeah man, who are you guys...where's Ron and Fez 24/7??' -Angry Hayseed caller


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Mr. Bennington should have his own channel.
i guess all you people who cancelled didnt hear 202...it is the ron and fez channel....some twobit fuckin terrestrial radio show takin up all their time.... maybe Ron could get rid of the lack of help around him....thank God Earl is out at the end of june.... go get Ron Wood

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