Who is your hero?


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I mean, who in your life inspires you? What have they done that you consider noble? I have to say it is my nephew for me. He wanted to go into the military fresh out of high school and I tried my best to talk him into going on to school. I was worried about him going to war and him not going back to school when he gets back. He pulled 3 tours in Iraq as a Ranger, came home, enrolled at UC and made the football team. I really am proud of this kid. So, who's yours?[video=youtube;CDDKKVc2Slw]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDDKKVc2Slw&feature=player_embedded[/video]


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Does it have to be someone we know personally? Because there once was a man who found a cell phone in a cab...


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I've never really had a hero, or someone I aspired to be.

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Don The Trucker.

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Even though there have been plenty of people throughout my life who I've either admired, or aspired to be like, I'm not really sure I would consider any of them my "hero". I realize that might sound like a bit of a selfish statement, but I'm just being honest.


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It's My Birthday!
Well, ok. Hero is a strong term that maybe I should not have used. Inspiring maybe? Made a positive impact or impressed you with their determination? I don't know how else to put it but you're right I shouldn't have used hero. My nephew just impresses the heck outta me. He had a plan and is fulfilling it. That means something to me.


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Mine is fandango86 wife


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From the age of 12 to about 18 I wanted to be Alex Lifeson. I always admired my dad, and ended up following in his footsteps in terms of career.


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From the age of 12 to about 18 I wanted to be Alex Lifeson. I always admired my dad, and ended up following in his footsteps in terms of career.
So you went through the Rush-worship phase in your teens too? Heh. I wanted to be as good as Geddy Lee on bass guitar and keys when I was 17, 18 and thought they were the greatest band in the universe. Never quite got that good on either though but a positive influence for sure. :)


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Ronald Reagan

He wasn't afraid to raise taxes when need be and was first in line to bail out the banks when they started to fail. He also knew when to cut and run from a bad situation in the Middle East, and he palled around with some of the best terrorists in the business.

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He once ran into a burning building, and not even to rescue anyone. He made himself a sandwich. He risked his life so lunch meat wouldn't be wasted. He's an inspiration to us all.

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