Who would you want to see back in the WWF?

I would like to see Kevin Nash come back to the WWF either as Big Daddy Cool or just a plain Kevin Nash.

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Kevin Nash gets my vote --- bring Hall, DDP and Konan with him.
Well i dont think he was ever in the WWF but i would kick ass if Vince got Kanyon to team up with Raven those too were good as a team together.
without a shadow of a doubt, someone I would like to see back full time is Shawn Michaels the man was not only charismatic and had great mic skills but he was a great wrestler high flier and great mat technician. Kinda like the rock and bret hart all in one. But since injuries make that impossible.

Anactive wrestler i'd like to see in the wwf is Taz..not Tazz but Taz, the old ecw Taz that bad ass Taz, the human suplex machine the baddest motherfucker around.
Well i think you will see HBK back in some form sometime in 2001 there are so many rumors but i think HBK still has a few good ones left in him.


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I'm with imoverherenow kevin nash needs to get out of that hell hole wcw. He would be one of the biggest stars of the wwf. But he is either a pussy who is scared of vince mcmahon or he doesnt want the star status. and oh yeah hulkamania will never die!!!!
oh yeah and nash's old name was deisel------------------

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I thought it was Big Daddy Cool Diesel? I am confused.

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yeah it was big daddy cool diesel and scott hall was razor ramon.

but lets not forget nash's other alter ego vinnie vegaa lol
I would like to see the Macho Man return to the WWF for one last run before he retires.

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yeah macho man isn't a bad one..i am waiting for some of these assholes from wcw to finally wake up and realize that the wwf is where the money is.


Yeah, it would be really cool to have Kevin Nash & Scott Hall back. I would also like to see "Big Poppa Pump" come back too. "The Big Bad Bootie Daddy" Scott Stiener belongs back in the WWF. Personally, I always thought his brother Rick was a bit anoying, but Scott was always cool.


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yeah no doubt bro, scott steiner would be a perfect fit for the wwf. he's got that attitude. When ya think of the wcw you think of old gay guys saying lines from 1990
Big Poppa Pump the genetic freak would rock in the WWF!!!

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Yup yup i agree i sure do hope the showstoppa does come back for atleast one last run.

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i like to get back jerry lawyer <IMG SRC="http://www.wackbag.com/ubb/smilies/cwm35.gif" border=0>
I would still have to say Kevin Nash. There are rumors on the net that once his contract is up in WCW he is gonna come back to the WWF to finish his career. I hope this is true.


I would like to see Hawk AND Animal as the Roadwarriors come back and kick some butt !!
Well WCW survives the weekend (which is very doubtful) you might just see Hawk and Aminal back together. Makes sense to see them get back together in WCW anyway. They are washed up like most of talent in WCW. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of good talent in WCW that hasn't been tapped yet, but all the top guys of the last two years are washed up.
As far as Kevin Nash, yes he is looking to finish his career in the WWF but it doesn't look like the WWF has the same plans. I hope the WWF keeps it's focus and doesn't sign all these old guys or even half of the WCW roster (when if folds). Too much talent already in the WWF. There are some guys that would fit in nicely but a company can only have some many stars. The only guys I see worth the WWF getting from WCW would be Kanyon, Lance Strom and Mike Awesome.
Oh yeah Vinnie Vegas was funny but not half as bad as OZ. They actually made him wear a mask! He also wore a mask as one of the master blasters. LOL Big Vinnie Master Blaster Daddy OZ in the house!

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