Who's hiring in south NJ/Philly area?

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A buddy of mine just returned from Florida and is looking for work.
He just got out of a bad relationship down there and is looking for a fresh start.

He has a clean CDL license, has experience operating heavy machinery and working as a welder.

If you know of something that might fit, please send me PM or post here and I'll get in touch with you.



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try WAWA (head quarters, not the stores) and UPS is always hiring box tossers

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Raymour and Flanigan in Gibbstown is looking for OTR drivers


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Not a CDL job, but I know of a place in need for maintenance help. Pay is OK, bennies are awesome.
If he has a CDL and wants to drive over the road he could pretty much work for any company. I live in PA and have worked for companies in Utah, Indiana and Michigan. I just brought the truck home with me when I came home.

If he wants to stay local, I'm sure there are tons of companies in Philly that run shipping containers out of the port and such.


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The trucking company I work for is always looking for OTR drivers in the Northeast. Good pay...decent benefits.