Whose Mom is Better? Sam's or Dave's?

Whose Mom is Better?

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Whose Mom is Better? Sam's or Dave's?


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Should the question be, whose mom was worse?

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They're overbearing and super protective, but I would hardly say either of them were bad.

Dave's mom seems the more fun of the two, but Sam's mom seems like the poster girl for Super Mom Digest.


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Sam's mom reminds me very much of my own mom. She still has all my baby teeth and my first book that i ever read and boxes of other stuff. Thats why i love my mommy very very much, but I love her from the other side of the country so that i didn't' end up like that faggot Sam.

Norm Stansfield

Dave's a redhead, and we all know gingers are almost impossible to love. So his mom wins, just because she kept him.

Creasy Bear

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Both of them sheltered and overindulged their "princess boys" which resulted in two ineffectual "adults" who are ill-equipped to perform as men should.

I'll call it a dual mothering fail.