Why do blacks like lemonade?


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Really, what's the deal? I guess we figured out why they jump around when excited, and decided they do know how loud they are, so now it's on to this.

We were out to lunch yesterday and a whole table of loud schwoogies all had lemonade. It's funny to hear the white waiter greet a white table...

"good afternoon, can I start you folks out with a cold beer or margarita?"

Then greet the table of schwoogies...

"Hello, can I get anyone a glass of water, or perhaps some lemonade?"

Oh, and how can we forget...."no ice in my lemonade, yo...no free refills on lemonade, what a biznitch!"



as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
hey, i like lemonaid, and vodka,:rolleyes:

i love the "no ice" thing too, when i worked at "roy rogers" the shwoogs always wanted "no ice" it was long before free refills, so i guess they just wanted to make sure they got there 75ct worth

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I love lemonade and I'm an uber-honky.


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Doesn't everyone like lemonade? What's next? Yo yo I be breathing me some of that air!


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I always ask for low ice if I'm at a drivethrough. It's a total rip-off when you get three chugs on a medium drink and it's empty because the cup was filled to the brim with ice.

I always found black people around here liked Hi-C orange more than lemonade.


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No blacks like Orange Drink at Mcdonalds, now thats my word B!


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So wait they used the word "perhaps" and "biznitch" in the same conversation?

I think you're lying sir.


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Because a glass of cola with ice looks like a brother that melted wearing his bling.

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I once witnessed in a Wa wa ainterracial couple argueing about whatdrinks to buy... she wantee iced tea and........


Screw you guys, I'm going home.
So wait they used the word "perhaps" and "biznitch" in the same conversation?

I think you're lying sir.
The waiter used "perhaps" you silly goose.

I am going to theorize that they like pink lemonade more than regular lemonade.

I know whitey likes some lemonade, but I really don't see them ordering it at a sit down eatery.



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If you ever wondered how poor black people are so fat, just go into a bodega in the hood. all it has is sugar filled EVERYTHING. I was working in a school in brooklyn and tried to get a snack at the deli across the street.... yea i couldn't eat anything in there. I have the metabolism of dom deliouse. they have candy cakes and sodas i've never seen in my fine aryan neighborhood


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I remember being a young lad and working in a sammich shop, and the ******* always had to have a ton of mayo on their sammiches. Even if they got a tuna fish sammich you had to put extra mayo on both sides of the bread. Why? for christs sake why?


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I always thought it was Kool-Aid, Hi-C, or Bug Juice.....


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My very first job, 29 years ago, was at Roy Rogers. Any time a shwoogie family came in, they always ordered the same thing. It got to be a joke with us ... guess what the shwoogies are going to order ... always chicken and always orange drink with no ice. I can't remember if we had lemonade, but they always wanted orange. My boyfriend at the time worked at McDonald's & used to remark the same thing...no matter what they ordered they always had an orange soda or drink with no ice.

The no ice thing was more across the board though - we had white people asking for no ice as well - said the soda was cold enough & didn't need the ice. I'm thinking like THE FEZ MAN ... they all just want to make sure they got their money's worth of soda.