Why do I love O&A???


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I caught it on replay. While the whole country has gone insane trying to be PC. As they try to alleviate their white guilt. These two dopes are trying to contact the N-bomb with a Ouija board. I don't even know how funny the bit was because I was laughing so long at the premise. :haha7: That was political correctness in my opinion. Taking such a ridiculous act as burying a word, and showing it for what it really is, a joke. Wether you get it or not. Wether you like it or not. Wether it offends you or not. A joke.... and a good one.


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It's wonderful just how profound the B-B-Boys can be at times, probably without them even realizing it.

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Bollards...sounds a bit rude, doesn't it?
Yeah, that bit was golden. i was getting ready while it was on and haven't been able to give it a good listen yet. Weekend replays rule.


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Making fun of white guilt and political correctness is like a breath of fresh air.
I love that bit. No other terrestrial radio show would have the balls to do that bit in today's environment. It's why the boys reign supreme.