Why in the hell did i move from jersey??????

Well here we are in freaking s.w. mich and no OandA.just som lame downloaded crap from napster.need the [sneak]site to get my wife off my dam back ond on hers.Help


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Don't worry, O&A will be syndicated there around the time they get syndicated to IOWA.
I know the feeling dude. Moved from Jersey to N.C. a few months ago. Charlotte is like the 40 biggest market in the nation so I am not holding my breath waiting for syndication. For now I stuck with listening to Bob & Tom in the morning instead of O&A. Maybe you should try to contact someone about a possible alternative. <hint> Syndication Underground <hint>

Then again besides missing O&A getting away from Jersey was a wise decision. Once you "figure something out" you will realize it is okay. You just need to find a new way to get your O&A fix.


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Noone moves away from Jersey. They run like hellllllll