Why is **** being ***'ed out?

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Balogny Tits

It's not that were better, were just less worse
Why is **** being ********'ed out? Just curious?


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Censored Words

There are a few words here that have been censored, they are censored for a reason. You could say fuck, cunt, shit etc all you want.. That’s not what it’s about.

When you try to post a censored word it will appear in the post as: ------.

Trying to get aroud the censored word by adding spaces, slashes etc will get you banned..

Anything censored here is to keep the board out of trouble with the boys or certain spam words ....

And in a few cases to keep Google from indexing these words that will come up in a search and then get us filtered from even more corporate servers.. That leaves certain people with no access to wackbag at work.

There are about 8 words censored in total.

Please do not ask on the board why a certain word is censored, this may give troublemakers the idea of posting the subject matter that got the word censored in the first place.... Just PM or email me if you need to know and I will let you know why it is censored... DO NOT ask on the board..

Also if a post or thread of yours gets deleted or moved .. You can just PM me and I will let you know why, all of our mods usually will send a PM to you when they move or delete a thread or post and tell you why it was moved/deleted..

I know Rules suck, but because of our rules, we have been here 5 years, making us the oldest and longest running O&A fan message board. We intend on being here forever!.

Thanks for your cooperation..

Balogny Tits

It's not that were better, were just less worse
I was more curious than anything. As your post states, you can say fuck, shit and cunt. Obviously if you can say cunt, it is not for censorship purposes lol.


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That about sums it up.
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