Why is Cabbie posting on FBA

Hey Pat Battlefield unless your in distress running the flag upside down is disrespectful to our troops and all who have died for this country. XM censored free speech not our troops. Just thought you like to know that.
Oh wow. You've enlightened me.:rolleyes:


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Good lord this thread sucked so much balls until Yatta. Bravo sir.
And thank god he's there not here.


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If he wants to help, I salute him, but it doesn't absolve him of us having fun at his expense....:haha7:

Mr. Attention probably saw Deb and some forum people getting airtime and he sees it as an opportunity to stick his fat head into the family photo and get credit.

I will admit I do have a slightly grudging respect for for him and anyone who puts themselves out there and not care that they look like a complete 'tard at times. Its actually that kind of trait that won me over to liking Dave (mostly).

RE YATTA: old but always entertaining.


He was stupid. I was lucky. I will visit him soon.
Not for nothing but, it's a whole other message board. Why should we care here? Both places are run differently...no biggie..
I agree. I could not care less who posts where.


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Whatever let the fuck throw his hat in the ring. The censorship
issue is way bigger than trumped up radio rivalries. AKA grow the
fuck up.

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Cabbie is FBA, ish... makes sense to me.

watching studdering John with his monkey face beat his fat ass in that boxing match was great, I gotta say.


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I seldom go to FBA and I get the whole board war crap. I go over there and Cabbie has like 170 posts. Why is this guy sucking our nuts. I told him he should go and he made fun of my picture with OnA. He thought it was a photo shop but it just was bad lighting at the Hard Rock Casino. Why are we letting the leach in our fandom. I think we need a board sitdown or something. If you post there please speek up because OnA don't need that assholes help. Remember before he went to jail he fucked up the whole AOTM thing. Then he tried to get the credit for it. Why should we care if k-Rock told OnA to play nice. We don't have too.

i bash him everytime I see him post. he's just a lil cunt who is trying to ride some one elses coat tails now that his big nose jew boyfriend dumped him
Does anybody have a link to how a war with Cabbie got started? I vaguely remember Anthony going off on Cabbie when he was headed to, calling him a "tax cheating faggot." But I never heard the audio of Cabbie opening up his mouth about O&A.
cabbie is a fucktard. he's only into himself and doesnt care about anyone but himself. i hope he gets hit by a car.

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I started hating him for a strange reason... those fucking slim fast commercials.....the way he said " POUNDS" made me mental.


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I don't care where he posts or doesn't, or what he's done in the past as long as he is truly helping the PAC's cause and not for publicity or just being a fake.
Time will tell by his actions so I will reserve any further judgement until then.


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always keep in mind it could be worse.....he could've started posting HERE instead :haha7: