Wierd NJ


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I was thinking about getting some issues of the magazine. Anyone have a subscription? If so what issues do you think I should start with?


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the one that isn't about people with faggoty imaginations being afraid of everything.
HAHA I'd never get a subscription, but I've done a couple that friends wanted to. Done purgatory rd. off of rt.70 around the manchester area. It was definitely strange that there was this random abandoned house in the middle of the road. It was also fun to scare the girls in our group. That same night we went to some weird spot right around the same area that had an alter and pews in the middle of some little park in the middle of nowhere. Were supposed to see some dog spirits or some shit too but of course we didn't. Don't waste your money. If you really gotta get it out of your system, google it.


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I have ten years worth of back issues. I'll sell them to you if you want. They're starting to pile up.


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Lost my post in the maintenance but just get the oldest issues you can. The magazine turned to shit after about issue 12 or so. And like was posted above you can google search some better stuff, start with abandoned mental hospitals and sewer entrances. We seem to be a state rife with those.