Wife of 23 years gets cancer? Yeah.. you're fired. I'm running a bidness.


Quote:BOSTON -- A Natick man is facing unemployment because his wife has cancer.

Accountant Carl Sorabella got a raise in November for a job well done, but despite more than 13 years with his company, he was recently laid off after his wife's life-altering diagnosis.

"I got a call saying I had 55 nodules in my lungs. I collapsed. I absolutely collapsed, because I thought, 'That's it -- lung cancer. I'm dead,'" Kathy Sorabella said.

Being told they had only months left together, Kathy and her husband, Carl, began life's worst roller coaster.

"I've known Kathy longer than I've known my mother. My mother died when I was 18, and we've been married for 23 years. She's my life," Carl Sorabella said.

With Kathy's health fragile, Carl knew he'd need time to be at her treatments and tests. When he shared the news with his boss, his employment of nearly 14 years was terminated.

"She said, 'It's business. I'm running a company here, and I need to make sure the department runs.' And I argued that I would make sure the company runs," Carl Sorabella said.

He said he offered to work nights and weekends, but his boss said no.

"And I'm like, 'You just can't do that. I mean, she's on disability. We have no income now. And unemployment -- they cap you at $625 a week," Carl Sorabella said.

"Fourteen years with the company and they just let him go like that, and that's what terrified me," Kathy Sorabella said.

Carl's employer, Haynes real estate management company in Wellesley is a small office employing fewer than 50 people, so neither state nor federal employment laws apply. There is little Carl can do about his situation -- other than collect unemployment.

"I just don't know how to get my head around something like this," he said.

"And now he's on unemployment, and I'm on disability, and we don't know how our bills are going to be paid. But we keep telling each other as long as we love each other -- it doesn't matter," Kathy Sorabella said.

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G. Arnold Haynes, President

Mary R. Butler, Vice President / Treasurer

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That's fucked up. Not to mention now their insurance is probably going to run out. Wonder what kind of insurance (if any) the company had for their employees.
Well look at the bright side, now they have all the free time they need to share those last few precious moments.
I would bet my life that every single employee they have is currently updating their resume. Honestly, who could work for people like that?
Someone has no clue what "karma" is.

Don't you guys think there seems to be some facts missing in this story?
There might be, but I have no reason to believe it isn't true. It's the ABC Affiliate in Boston, not some random blog. I doubt ABC would risk a defamation of character lawsuit over this if it were not true.

And you're right, they don't understand what karma is.
There might be, but I have no reason to believe it isn't true. It's the ABC Affiliate in Boston, not some random blog. I doubt ABC would risk a defamation of character lawsuit over this if it were not true.

And you're right, they don't understand what karma is.
I don't doubt it happened but I do question if it played out as reported. Maybe working weekends and nights wasn't a real option. for all we know this was the conversation:

guy: He boss can we talk?
boss: sure, what's up?
guy: well my wife has terminal cancer.
boss, oh, how horrible
guy: yes, so I'm going to need some time off
boss:eek:k, I'm sure we can work something out
guy: well I only want to work nights and weekends
boss: but no one else is here during that time so I don't know if that'll work
guy: that's all I can do
boss: then this isn't going to work

You try walking into your bosses office and tell them that you're going to make your own hours, let's see how that works out for you. Sure it sucks but you can't expect the world to change to suit your needs.



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I'm really torn on this. If he had an essential function at the company that must be done during the day then his employer really wouldn't have much of a choice. It sucks for him and his wife, but what could he possibly expect? Weeks off with pay? Months off with no pay, but his job gauranteed? This is a small business. My wife works for a Fortune 500 company and they still won't pay you to stay home for weeks on end taking care of a sick relative. I work for the goverment and there is no such benefit for me. I'm gauranteed my job for three months and after that, it's up to my superiors.

I guess it doesn't matter because with the bad press and now public outrage this company will have to make a public apology and end up paying him not to work.

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I don't doubt it happened but I do question if it played out as reported. Maybe working weekends and nights wasn't a real option.
Yeah, you may be right. He might have accountant buddies that work for bigger companies that would be in a better position to work with the guy, so sucks for him he wasn't in that position. A real estate management company is probably going to have banker's hours, at least with respect to their financial dealings so he's kinda screwed.

hmmm their website is down....
Noticed that too. Sounds like Anonymous is up to their old tricks again.


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I wonder what his available vacation time was like before this. And don't they have FMLA, or is that one of those things that having so few employees does away with? It would have probably sucked to have to take an unpaid day off now and then, but the time he would have been able to spend with his wife without having to worry about what's happening now would have eased it a bit.


I'm bi-winning.
One star out of 204 reviews on Yelp. That's gotta sting.

(although, that will probably be corrected I'm guessing)


as a matter of fact i dont have 5$
well this story sound kind of familiar.

so, i will tell mine:

lets turn the clock back about 14 years.
im a wee lad of 25 been with my girl for about 2 years, and get her knocked up. i go to my boss of about 6 years and tell him that she's pregnant and im going to need to help her out because we are for the most part alone. he is the fourth person to know. so fast forward about 4 months my girl (still not married) wants me to go to the ultra sound with her, the only appointment that she can get is during the day, i tell my then boss that she wants me to go and i want to, he tells me "dont they have night hours"..... now let me say that in the 6 years ive been there ive never taken a vacation or sick day. i go, he docks me an entire days pay for 2 hours of a dr's visit...... well that cured me of going to the dr's with my girl. fast forward 9 months..... her water breaks on a wensday morning at about 4 am. i call in and tell him the baby is coming and i will call when its here, 19 hours later the dr's decide that its time for an un scheduled c section, i did not have his home phone number so i called the shop and left a message baby came c section have to stay with wife at hospital for a day or two will come in on friday with photos' ect.... i go in to work about noon on friday and show off photos hand out cigars and ask for my pay check. i get told "you didn't finish any work this week your not getting paid and you are coming in tomorrow" well tomorrow was saturday and my wife was still in the hospital, um, no im not coming into work, as a matter of fact thursday of next week it the soonest i can come in the baby and wife are coming home on sunday and i need to stay at home and care for my sick wife and new born son... i get told "that's not your job your job is to come to work, baby's are her problem" ii tell him "well thats not going to fly with my wife, i guess your not going to be seeing me till thursday. " and i leave.
so wensday morning i tell the wife that im going to work, and that goes over like a led balloon but i do it anyway. i work all day never bring up money, thursday morning the wife wakes me up and tells me that "something is wrong" and well it was her c section scar is ooozing some kind of ooblick and she needs to go to the hospital, i call the shop and tell the answering machine that im not coming in i have to take her hospital. i will skip the gory details but it was a life changing experience....

so i go into work on friday i am met at the door buy the owner pissed off that i missed another day of work explanation or not... the day is tense but i go back to work and do what i can. so the end of the day comes, there has been no mention of me getting paid. i go up to the office and ask him if im going to get a pay check for the 4 days i worked over the last two weeks. my answer? your lucky you still have a job here's 100$. when i expressed my displeasure? i get told at the top of his lungs " your not the first motherfucker to have a baby"

i should have walked out then, instead i stayed 6 more years, never taking another vacation, and less than 4 sick days and two of those were for my wife. in the end, i did take a vacation, with out pay, when returned i was fired with in two months....

so the moral of the story? when people fuck with your family and money. burn the place to the ground.