Wife Of Alleged Masturbater Doubts Accusations


Deputies say the suspect masturbated in front of a mom and her kids. Now, as Klifton Knowling sits in Sacramento County Jail, his wife is standing by her man.

Although the alleged victim positively identified the suspect, his wife says she’ll need more proof than that to convince her he’s guilty.

“Not my husband,” said Kristy Knowling. “Doesn’t sound like him, he hasn’t done nothing like that.”

It’s one woman against another, with the wife of the suspect ready to face the woman she says put her husband in jail.

“He has all of his stuff hanging out, playing with himself in front of me and my kids,” said the alleged victim.

It was earlier this week when a mom was walking her young kids to school, and says a stranger followed her in a white SUV, masturbating.

The alleged victim says Klifton asked her if she wanted to “play.”

“I said excuse me, I have my kids here,” said the woman.

The quick thinking mom grabbed her phone and got the license plate.

Deputies tracked it to Purrfect Auto Repair, where they would find mechanic Klifton just returning from test driving the same car.

“As he was test driving it, he heard a noise on the brakes,” said Kristy.

Kristy says Klifton told her what really happened and she says she believes every word.

“When he’s checking the brakes he’s like ‘hey I have to use the restroom,’ so he opened up the car door, used the restroom,” said Kristy.

She says that’s when the mother and her kids passed by her husband and let Klifton know she didn’t approve.

“Said ‘hey don’t be doing that’ and he said a few foul language words, flipped her off and then she flipped him back off and he just took off driving,” said Kristy.

Now Kristy believes it’s her husband who’s the victim, wrongly accused and facing serious charges in a case of he said, she said.

We spoke to the alleged victim and she says Klifton’s version doesn’t work because she says he never got out of the car.

Klifton refused a jail house interview.



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“When he’s checking the brakes he’s like ‘hey I have to use the restroom,’ so he opened up the car door, used the restroom,” said Kristy.
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Even if he wasn't jerking off, having your junk out in public in front of a child will result in a free ride to jail


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He couldn't wait to get back and use a bathroom?

Either way he's a fucking pig that broke the law.