Will Pendarvis(trained chimp)?


doesnt get the bit guy
If Will Pendorkis is such a good DJ how come he plays so many rack blacks(rock blocks).If he were such a scary talent he wouldnt be afraid to speak on the mic. A gah'damn monkey can spin records, which everyone knows the actual Dj's dont do anyway. So essentially what Pendickis does is read some live spots in between 92 min of the same fucking songs that gay rock plays all day.

Hmmm, why dont we hire Zippo the chimp and let him hit buttons all day and we'll call him a DJ. Stern approved? Why not say Imus approved, because thats exactly what Stern has become....an out of touch,repetative, old windbag who is so afraid of someone doing his job better than him. He shits all over O and A, just like Imus did to him all those years ago. He is a gah'damn hypocrite.

I guess when you get to the top no one else should have any 1st Amendment rights. Gag FUCKIN Order, what a pussy. Boo Hoo,some employee said my name in public. Even though I've been shitting on people my whole career, I dont want anyone doin that to me. I can dish it out, but sure as shit I cant take it.

Darth is sorry everyone, but the Will Pendouchbag posts just got to me.

DarthPrecious....WNEW'SGIRL Approved!!

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what will pendarvis posts? i don't see any will pendarvis posts...ooh is that the trash bin going off now?


Purssss 4 HIS LITTLE SWEETY The Philipino Hooker =)~
Yet also I am the "Go fuck yourself, sarcastic, orgazmo, get me a jury, philpino hooker,chat voice guy, blow me guy!!!!!!!!

forgets to inform you of the cold hard truth that non-smokers die everyday also.


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Hey Darth anyone in Kfuck is a trained chimp

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After Gonzo's Great Editing I have Banned will pendarvis from this site