Will You Be Watching President Obama's Speech?

Will You Be Watching President Obama's Speech?

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Will You Be Watching President Obama's Speech?

September 8, 2011 about 7 or 8 pm et


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No. There's actual football that counts on.

Lord Zero

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Fuck him and fuck his speech. It won't be anything we haven't heard before.


I'll give em a state, a state of unconsciousness
I've watched maybe 2 presidential speeches in my lifetime, and I think they were both right after 9/11. So I highly doubt it.

the Streif

Nah, I gotta trim my toenails.


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Obama? More like NO-bama if you ask me! Awwwwww shucky ducky quack quack!

Sinn Fein

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If I am going to watch a ****** on tv, its going to be a ****** who is entertaining.


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nope...going to see how high i can get my spin view count up to on meatspin.


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Nah, I already know what shit sounds like.

BTW, speech is on before the game starts.


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I already know exactly what he's going to say, so I'm not going to watch


Wackbag Generalissimo
I dunno, I just expect to him to take this "me against the world" kind of tone. He knows Congressional approval is way worse than his own approval ratings, so I fully expect him to just blame alot of shit on the gridlock in Congress and how he can't get anything done. He'll offer ideas on how to spur job growth, I just don't know which direction he's going to go with it. Does he wear his progressive hat or conservative hat? He knows whatever he says is probably not going to pass anyway, so I can see him turning all Reagan on us again in order to get a slight bump in the polls.

Will it be worth watching? Probably not.

Von Maestro

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I'm just gonna wait until Rush and FOXNEWS tells what I really thought of the speech... amiright???

(no fucking way)

mr. sin

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and what will watching obummer do for me? tell me being laid off since march will last longer? fuck him football is on.


Wackbag Generalissimo
Obama is quite simply looking at a temporary fix in order to get him through the election. And that's why no one is taking him seriously. Boehner even said that there would be no GOP rebuttal because football is on.

I'll tell ya though...this new stimulus plan (disguised as a jobs plan) that I've been hearing alot about, would go a long way for Obama's 2012 re-election campaign. They could pump all of that printed money in to temporarily prop up the job market and if timed right, we could reap the benefits of it during Q312 and Q412. Obama could then fool alot of people into thinking we're on the right path and that, with zero help from the Republicans, he defied the odds, took a stand and put this country back on the right path. And they want a GOP rebuttal tonight and are pissed because the Republicans just aren't taking the bait. They want a GOP drone to come out after and bash the President's plan and ideas, so that when election time comes, the dems can rally around that speech and the GOP's rebuttal and use it against them.

If he really wants to spur job growth in the private sector, he should announce that he will push for repeal of his own healthcare reform and do anything he can to answer to the concerns of business owners, large and small. Throwing a few tax breaks/hiring incentives at them and saying you're going to throw another $400B at our problems won't help much when they're too concerned about what's going to happen with the American healthcare system in a few years and even the Wall St reform bill, which two scumbag progressives managed to squeeze by.


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I'm taking action on how many times Little Barry will say "previous administration"


Wackbag Generalissimo
I expected some "inherited" comments to pop up...but yeah, I think the focus is going to be laying the blame on Congress and throwing some form of stimulus plan disguised as "all about the jobs" and try to pin the GOP in a corner. Frankly, that's all Obama can muster at this point.

Atomic Fireball

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Will it be the phony I'm-all-business clipped cadence, or the phony g-droppin' I'm-a-regular-guy Dwayne Johnson impression?