Windows Vista Chess


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Windows Vista Ultimate includes a chess game so elegant and beautifully designed it would reduce even a cynical Bobby Fischer to tears. It's truly a magnificent work of art. Bravo, Bill Gates. Your software is mostly shit but Chess Titans is a giant step for mankind. :clap::clap::clap:


Good eeeeeeeevening.
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Your post is indeed perplexing. But yes, I like it too.

That's one expensive chess game...


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meh, its fun, but as far as ultimate extras, you gotta go for hold 'em


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screen shot?

what makes it better than say chess on the NES?


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I'm yet to see anything for Ultimate that would make me upgrade from Vista Home Premium. The first thing I did was turn off AERO.

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Been taking the opportunity to use Chess Titans to learn how to play chess on my new Vista laptop. Very cool-looking. Been enjoying it.


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Love the Vista chess, very addicting and fun.