Windows XP

Well, I'm playing with Windows XP RC 1 w/ IE 6. I've done everything psycho to it... And so far no crashes or anyting... I must say it's well worth the buy when it comes out.
I have XP I wont even put it in! the compatability check shows its incompatible with almost everything!
Only if you have IIS (Internet Information Server) running. But my NAV is update and no worries!

That sucks Stingray. Where did u get your copy of XP?

BTW, to all, you need a 300Mhz or faster machine to run this bad boy. ^^
I have a Pentium3 900mhz with 256 ram but thats my main computer so im not even letting XP near it, also got a pentium3 700Mhz laptop it ain't going near that either.

what i did try to install it on was a pentium1 200mhz - compatibility check showed problems so i took it out.

I have way to much data on my other machines to even attempt to put XP near it all the data is backed up, but who needs the headaches? I went thru that with win me and that was a final release!! what a piece of shit that is.

BTW i have win XP RC 12505

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True that Sting. I have WinME Final Release, pain and suffering up the ass. WinME is only good if your hardware is less than a year old, stupid shit ain't it?

Well Sting, you could create a partition and put XP on it.

I do know that with XP, it pumps the shit out of mp3s... DAMN! What power!!! :D

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