Winter Fantasy Movie League: Deadline to join is 12 pm Eastern on Friday


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Wackbag Staff
Hello, people.

If you know about movies and would like to experience the thrills of guessing which eight or less movies for the weekend will receive the largest total box office with your fellows, please consider joining this Winter's Fantasy Movie League. It is thirteen weeks where you select 8 or less movies by 12 pm Eastern on Friday. Those who select the movies with the greatest totals may go up or remain in their rank. Those who select movies that are less may see their rank decrease. There can be sudden reversals. It can be fun experiencing the guessing how well the American populace will respond to each weekend's theater released movies. It can be sad if one doesn't try.

You can still give it a try if you still want. The deadline to have one's line-up ready is 12 pm Eastern this Friday.

If you have any questions, please ask them.

This weekend's movies are:
Justice League
Thor 3
Murder on the Orient Express
Daddy's Home 2
Three Billboards
Lady Bird
The Star
A Bad Mom's Chrismas
Roman J. Israel
The Man Who Invented Christmas
The Disaster Artist
Calll Me by Your Name
Wonder Wheel
Fantasy Movie League, now is a perfect time to join with the new season begins. It's a simple concept. You own a fantasy theater and it's your job every week to fill up your eight screens with currently playing movies. Depending on how well the movies are projected to do they will cost different amounts so you must fill your screens while staying within the universal budget of 1,000 FML Bux. You can play the same movie multiple times or leave screens blank at the cost of a small penalty, and there are bonuses for choosing the movie that makes the most per dollar spent and getting the perfect lineup! It's a season long game so if a week or two don't go your way you're not out of the running at all! As you can see, the difference between 1st and 10th place this season was over 80 million!